What is the Purpose of Mt Rushmore Monument?

Your daily news quiz is ready! Can you also tell What do followers of QAnon conspiracy theory believe? Find out how smart you are today!


What is the purpose of Mt Rushmore monument?

This is your daily quiz for Wednesday, August 11th 2020. Let’s see how smart you are today!

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Category: Business

Look at this logo. What service does this company mainly offer?

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Category: Entertainment

Who is Patrick Star?

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Category: Business

Which major newspaper does Amazon mogul Jeff Bezos own?

Jeff Bezos

Photo: Steve Jurvetson / CC BY 

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Category: Politics

What do followers of QAnon conspiracy theory believe?

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Category: Politics

What is Michel Aoun’s role in the Lebanese political system?

Michel Aoun

Photo: The Kremlin, Moscow

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Category: Entertainment

Which of these songs includes a reference to the eighties Phil Collins classic, In the Air Tonight?

Phil Collins

Photo: Andrew St.Denis / Public domain

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Category: Places

Minsk is the capital of which Eastern European country?

Photo: Redline / CC BY-SA

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Category: Sports

What is Collin Morikaw most famous for?

9 / 10

Category: Places

What is the purpose of the Mt Rushmore monument?

Photo: Jim Bowen from Hope Mills NC, US / CC BY

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Category: Entertainment

What does Katherine Schwarzenegger do for a living?

Katherine Schwarzenegger

Photo: Mingle Media TV / CC BY-SA 


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