10 Reasons the PlayStation 2 Slim is the Right Choice in Vintage Gaming Consoles for You

The exact gaming console to fit your individual needs is the old favorite PlayStation 2 Slim.

The PS2 has a great library of games. You should probably know, though, that Netflix no longer supports the PS2 and that Sony no longer fixes these consoles. If this bothers you, you should take our Low-Midrange Game Console test to find your best fit.


The important stuff before you buy the PlayStation 2 Slim console

Will I be able to purchase new titles and connect with other players on my new PS2 Slim?

Sony no longer publishes new titles for the PS2. Its enormous game library could last you a lifetime, but don’t count on playing any newer games on it.

What screen size best fits my new PlayStation 2?

The PlayStation PS2 natively outputs video resolutions between 480i and 480p. It also offers an up-scaled 1080i resolution. Therefore, it best fits old SDTV screens or somewhat newer HDTV sets. If you’re planning to plug in your new gaming console to a Full HDTV screen, you may want to seek other options.

Is the PlayStation 2 Slim quick to load games?

The PS2 Slim is not the fastest gaming machine around. At its age, it’s a miracle it still circulates. If you don’t mind waiting, you’ll get worthwhile gaming experience.

Is the PS2 Slim a good first gaming console to own?

The PlayStation 2 Slim is perfect for the nostalgic at heart. It makes more sense as a second unit for your study or work breaks.

Does the PlayStation PS2 Slim play HD Blu Ray discs?


What colors do the PlayStation 2 Slim come in?

The PS2 Slim Gaming console comes in Black. There is a more expensive silver edition going around.

What does the PlayStation 2 Slim cost in 2020?

You can find renewed PS2 Slim gaming consoles for as low as 200$ on Amazon.

Which games will I be able to play on my new PS2 Slim?

The PlayStation 2 Slim plays all your favorite old PlayStation games. Early versions of Gran Turismo, Tekken, and such.

Is buying a renewed PS2 Slim considered an Eco-Friendly purchase?

Since the company has ended production of the Sony PS2 Slim, any new purchase of one of its units would be considered reuse, which is, of course, a very eco-friendly thing to do.

Does the Sony PS2 support any VR games?

The PlayStation 2 does not support VR.

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