3 Step Quiz: Which Vintage Gaming Console is the Best Choice For You?


The second-hand market offers endless hours of entertainment. It’s almost a waste of money to buy a newer model while many vintage gaming consoles are still around. But which is the best?


Which Vintage Gaming Console is the Exact Right Choice For You?

You are just three questions away from deciding which of these models is the right one for you

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How much are you willing to wait for content to load?

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What games will you be playing on your new vintage gaming console?

3 / 3

Will you be playing VR games on your new vintage console?

Models tested in this quiz: Nintendo Wii U, Sony PlayStation 2, Xbox One, Sony PS4.



We are here to spare you the specs and guide you through your choice of vintage game consoles.

Nintendo Wii U, Playstation 2 – Slim, not to mention the newer models, Xbox One and PS4, still offer a great gaming experience for beginners, as well as for the nostalgic at heart.

If the screen you’re about to use is of a standard Full HD resolution or lower, or if you’re on a budget (older games are less expensive to buy), this quiz is for you.  

In This Vintage Gaming Consoles Comparison:

Nintendo Wii U Renewed – 219$ FAQ On Wikipedia  
Playstation 2 – Slim Renewed – 200$ FAQ On Wikipedia  
Xbox One Used – From 340$ FAQ On Wikipedia  
PS4 Slim 345$ FAQ On Wikipedia