7 Badass News Questions: What Did Barbie (the doll) Explain on YouTube?

Oct 14, 2020 Quiz

Daily News Quiz for Oct. 14, 2020

Daily News Quiz: 7 questions, No time-limit. A must-see news update follows each entry. How smart are you today?


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Did Barbie (the doll) explain Black Live Matters on her Youtube channel?

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What is Fracking?

Photo: The White House from Washington, DC / Public domain

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On which TV show was Berta the housekeeper appearing as a recurring character?

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Korean boy band BTS has angered China. How?

Photo: Dispatch / CC BY

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What’s NOT in the new Apple iPhone 12 box?

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What do Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and world No.1-ranked golfer Dustin Johnson have in common?

Image: Anton Zaitsev / CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL

7 / 7

What role is Colin Farrell playing in the 2022 Batman movie?

Screenshot: The Batman / Warner Bros. Pictures / DC Comics

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