Show Me the Banksy: 6 Banksy Quiz Questions

Banksy questions were updated Sept. 9, 2021.

Daily quiz: Which animal is featured in Banksy’s Laugh Now? How did a Banksy become NFT? And what is a Great British Spraycation? Take this Banksy quiz!

Banksy Trivia Quiz

Daily Quiz for August 16, 2021: 6 Banksy-related general knowledge multiple-choice questions. News facts follow each entry. Click "start quiz."

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Who painted the original piece Banksy used in this painting?

Image: 1.
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What’s vandalized in Banksy’s “Subject to Availability” art piece?

Image: Banksy’s “Subject to Availability.”
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How did the first-ever authentic Banksy piece turn into an NFT art?

3. Image:


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What’s the name of Banksy’s half shredded painting?

4. Image:
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Banksy’s "Laugh Now" piece features what?

Question Image

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What did Banksy name his series of 2021 artworks on the east English seaside?

6. Photo: Adrian S Pye / Banksy, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia
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