7 Urgent Black Mirror Trivia Facts

Black Mirror season five was released in June 2019. The next season, season six, premieres in June 2023. This means our first of many Black Mirror trivia facts is that fans had to wait four years for upcoming dystopian sci-fi anthology series episodes. The new season will feature a star-studded cast, including Aaron Paul, Kate Mara, Michael Cera, Salma Hayek Pinault, and many others.

Black Mirror: Season 6 trailer

1. Black Mirror is 100% British

British TV Critic turned showrunner Charlie Brooker created Black Mirror back in 2011. It premiered on UK’s Channel 4 in 2011. Only in 2016 did it move to Netflix.

2. Long Hiatus, Short Seasons

Black Mirror has been on hiatus since June 2019, when it released its fifth season. Season 5 of the series included only three episodes.

3. Cinematic Scope

In May 2022, Variety reported that the show was returning for a sixth season with more episodes and a “cinematic scope.”

4. Black Mirror Season 6 Launch Date

In April 2023, Netflix confirmed the season six launch date as June 2023, revealing the first teaser trailer and the cast list. See the trailer above.

5. A Cast Worth the Wait

Hayek in season 6: Black Mirror trivia facts.
Screenshot: Netflix

Black Mirror season 6’s cast includes Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, Kate Mara, Michael Cera, Salma Hayek (who lately added Pinault to her name after getting married), Josh Hartnett, Paapa Essiedu, Zazie Beetz, and many others.

6. Brooker’s Promise

An intriguing Black Mirror trivia fact: According to the series’s creator, season 6 episodes will feature “new elements and surprises” that Brooker previously said he would “never do.”

7. Black Mirror’s Marvel Connection

Bisha K. Ali, the head writer of Ms. Marvel, is an executive producer for Black Mirror season 6.


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