Awesome 2022 Free General Knowledge Quiz Questions | PDF

Awesome 2022 Free General Knowledge Quiz Questions | PDF

Download 134 reliable general knowledge quiz questions from 2022 in a friendly printable PDF. The general knowledge quiz topics include recent events and fun facts about Politics, War, Business, History, and Sports. The 2022 Factbook (Part II) – Current Events – is available for $3.90 $7.80. Download the three 2022 factbooks, with 365 Questions, Answers, and Facts from 2022 for just $7.80.

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This FREE PREVIEW PDF contains 12 recent general knowledge quiz questions for adults and students, with answers and facts from 2022 on World Politics, The War in Ukraine, Big Business, Major History-Making, and achievements in Sports, plus  general knowledge questions and answers from our other 2022 Factbooks. The premium download has 134 printable current events and general knowledge quiz questions with answers and facts from 2022, cross-checked with the world’s most exquisite news sources, links, memorable images, and extra fun facts.

The 2022 Factbook Parts I-II-III – SAMPLE

The full version includes 134 general knowledge quiz questions from 2022 in a fancy printable PDF file. Please get it here for $7.80 ($15.60 for our THREE 2022 factbooks with 365 questions and answers).

Take the Our 2022 General Awareness Quizzes

Complement your factbook with these 2022 Year-End General Awareness Video Quizzes. Please visit each quiz’s page for detailed answers, downloadable multiple-choice questions, and links to information sources. Check out 22 Year-End Quizzes from 2022.

Big World Politics Quiz of 2022

Check out our Year-End World Politics quiz: 22 political trivia questions and multiple answers from 2022.

  • In the US, what is the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling?
  • Who did Britain’s new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, speak with on her first call as PM?
  • And How did the Kremlin react to Elon Musk’s peace initiative?

Big Business Quiz of 2022

Check out our Year-End Business Quiz: 22 business trivia questions and multiple answers from 2022.

  • What was Apple’s estimated market value in January 2022?
  • Who’s Twitter’s largest shareholder?
  • Which countries had their debt defaulted in 2022?
  • And which company is the world’s biggest plastic polluter?

War in Ukraine Quiz

Take our Year-End War in Ukraine quiz: 22 trivia questions and multiple answers from 2022 about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

  • According to Putin’s diplomats, it’s “absolutely mandatory” that which country “never, never, ever” becomes a NATO member?
  • What was the Russian cruiser Moskva?
  • And is Z a letter in the Russian alphabet?

About “The 2022 Factbook (Part II) – Current Events”

2022 Free General Knowledge Quiz Questions | PDF2022 is a year of change. From the cold winds of war in Europe to the conservative shift in the US justice system. This collection of stories, general knowledge quiz questions, and facts from 2022 (a total of over 134 general knowledge questions with answers) serves as a helpful time capsule to educate and reminisce on the passing year. You’ll find valuable and engaging clickable links to over 134 general awareness facts, news reports, and research on every page of this file, with general knowledge quiz questions and facts for students and trivia enthusiasts that will blow your mind (and classroom).


There’s nothing more intriguing than a question. Socrates thought of that first. Once the mind’s intrigued, the answers (i.e., nature and science facts) are more easily stored, and further questions arise, sparking our critical thinking process.


  • Test and enrich your knowledge of world politics, business, and sports.
  • Use the contents index to reach your favorite subjects.
  • Print it (as ecologically as you can).
  • Rip it apart.
  • Share it with your class.
  • Make a trivia night out of it.
  • Zoom your friends in, and screen-share the PowerPoint quizzes.
  • Or, you can keep it unopened until 2032 😉


Orr KnispelOrr Knispel is a full-time journalist and part-time questions writer for TV, Trivia apps, and print, with experience of over 20 years of covering current events. launched in 2020 as a news-based trivia quiz website. All answers are cross-checked with the world’s most trusted news providers, relevant government agencies, and NGOs.

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What was the hardest general knowledge quiz question of 2021?

Only 11% of our users knew what’s Greece’s second-largest island. The answer is Evia (Euboea).

What are the top 10 General Knowledge quiz questions for 2022?

  1. What was the Russian cruiser Moskva?
  2. Who was the first woman to serve as the US Secretary of State?
  3. Why is former Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández wanted by the US?
  4. In the US, what is the landmark Roe v. Wade decision?
  5. Which British monarch reigned the longest?
  6. What’s Florida’s Don’t Say Gay bill?
  7. What’s Apple Inc. estimated market value as of January 2022?
  8. LeBron James became the only NBA player to hit which milestone?
  9. How many Super Bowl titles did Tom Brady win in his career?
  10. Who is the first woman to land a quadruple jump at the Olympics?

The Complete “2022 Factbook Part II: Current Events” General Knowledge Quiz Questions List

War in Ukraine General Knowledge Quiz Questions

  1. According to Russia, it’s “absolutely mandatory” that which country “never, never, ever” becomes a NATO member?
  2. As of the end of March 2022, how many Ukrainian children had to leave their homes?
  3. What was the Russian cruiser Moskva?
  4. What’s Roskomnadzor?
  5. According to President Joe Biden’s first State of the Union address, who are the “corrupt leaders who have bilked billions of dollars off this violent regime”?
  6. Where’s Europe’s largest nuclear power plant?
  7. Which country equipped Russia with kamikaze drones to attack Ukraine in October 2022?
  8. Why did Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov auction off his Nobel Peace Prize medal?
  9. What does the unicorn insignia mean in the Ukrainian army’s uniform?
  10. In July 2022, Joe Biden visited Saudi Arabia. Which middle eastern country did Vladimir Putin visit in the same week?
  11. What’s Iran’s stand on the Russian invasion of Ukraine?
  12. What’s “status quo ante”?
  13. What’s Azovstal?
  14. Trans-Dniester is a separatist province of which country?
  15. How did the Kremlin react to Elon Musk’s peace in Ukraine proposal?
  16. The European Union’s embargo on Russian oil exempts which country?
  17. The US is the largest NATO member in population. Which country is the second largest?
  18. Who did China’s president Xi Jinping meet on his first trip outside China since COVID began?
  19. As of late Sept. 2022, flights to Turkey, Armenia, Serbia, and Dubai were all sold out in Russia. Why?

Queen Elizabeth II Questions

  1. Which British monarch reigned the longest?
  2. What does the R stand for in Elizabeth R?
  3. What was Prince Andrew’s military rank before returning his military affiliations?
  4. Which London monument has been officially known as the Elizabeth Tower?
  5. Where did Queen Elizabeth II appoint Liz Truss as Prime Minister in her final days?
  6. Where is Queen Elizabeth’s final resting place?

World Politics Questions

  1. In the US, what is the landmark Roe v. Wade decision?
  2. What is the “Freedom Convoy”?
  3. Where is the Houthi movement based?
  4. What’s the Phoenix Act?
  5. What’s Cyberflashing?
  6. According to US President Joe Biden, who’s “holding a dagger” at the throat of American democracy?
  7. Why did Twitter permanently suspend Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s personal account?
  8. How long was Myanmar a democracy?
  9. Massachusetts was the first state on the East Coast to allow recreational cannabis sales. Which is the second?
  10. What’s Florida’s Don’t Say Gay bill?
  11. When did lynching become a federal crime in the US?
  12. Ketanji Brown Jackson is the first what?
  13. How many firearms are there per 100 people in the US?
  14. In the wake of the massacre in Uvalde, Texas, where was the sale and purchase of handguns banned?
  15. How much will Infowars’ Alex Jones have to pay for repeatedly lying about the Sandy Hook shooting?
  16. How many mass shooting incidents did the US see on Jul. 4, 2022?
  17. What do “The Great Replacement” conspiracy theorists in the US believe?
  18. What connects Republican members of the US Congress Reps. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, Andy Biggs of Arizona, Mo Brooks of Alabama, Matt Gaetz of Florida, and Louie Gohmert of Texas?
  19. According to the Jan. 6 House Committee Hearings, what did Donald Trump’s “Election Defense Fund” fund?
  20. Where was Ivana Trump buried?
  21. Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, where the ex-president kept top-secret US intelligence documents, is only approachable to who?
  22. Who was Mahsa Amini?
  23. Where was the Unification Church established?

World Leaders Questions

  1. Which country elected Lula as its leader in 2022?
  2. Rishi Sunak is the UK’s first prime minister to be what?
  3. Where was this picture of Pope Francis taken?
  4. Which leader had the shortest tenure of any British prime minister?
  5. Boris Johnson quoted which famous ’90s movie series at the end of his final “Prime Minister’s Questions”?
  6. Anthony Albanese is Australia’s first Prime minister with what?
  7. Which country elected Bongbong as its leader?
  8. Which city elected the first Cambodian American mayor in the United States?
  9. Which Latin American country elected the continent’s youngest head of state in 2021?
  10. What’s Colombia’s Green Wave movement?
  11. Who is this charismatic leader?
  12. What does the R stand for in the King Charles III monogram?
  13. The original Hungarians were a mixture of which tribes?

General Awareness Questions

  1. What is the largest religious minority in Iran?
  2. Why is former Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández wanted by the US?
  3. When was the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, built?
  4. Karine Jean-Pierre is the first White House Press Secretary to be what?
  5. Which government is estimated to own more than half of the world’s surveillance cameras?
  6. Who initially used to live in Venice’s ghetto?
  7. Members of which communities are more likely to experience harassment on social media?
  8. Where is the first US national monument dedicated to LGBTQ history?
  9. Where do most of the world’s Muslims live?
  10. What flag is this?
  11. What is WeChat?
  12. What’s Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai?

History general knowledge quiz questions and answers

  1. When did Brazil declare its independence from Portugal?
  2. Who was Cincinnatus?
  3. Which world leader was known for glasnost and perestroika?
  4. Who was Anna May Wong?
  5. What was Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu most famous for in the Eighties?
  6. What was The Emancipator?
  7. Élisabeth Borne became France’s second female prime minister in 2022. Who was the first?
  8. Who was the first woman to serve as the US Secretary of State?
  9. Before Emmanuel Macron, who was the last French president to win a second term?
  10. Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture was written as a commemoration of what?
  11. How many Soviet people died in World War II?
  12. Which bloc was Sweden a part of during the cold war?

Business Questions

  1. Elon Musk bought Twitter. For how much?
  2. Where is Stolichnaya (Stoli) vodka produced?
  3. Which company owns Candy Crush and Call of Duty?
  4. Who are the “patriotic millionaires”?
  5. Which tech giant is buying the primary care organization One Medical?
  6. What’s Uber’s “Kill Switch”?
  7. Which company “deleted” Kanye West after his 2022 antisemitic remarks?
  8. Which countries had their debt defaulted (did not pay their foreign bondholders) in 2022?
  9. Historically, what was the euro’s lowest rate against the dollar?
  10. The American Dollar and the European Euro are the two most-traded currencies globally. What is the third?
  11. What’s the world’s largest toymaker?
  12. Geoffrey giraffe is whose mascot?
  13. Air New Zealand is the first airline to offer what?
  14. How much does a Tesla Model Y long-range cost?
  15. What is the all-time best-selling video game globally?
  16. What’s OpenSea?
  17. Why did Japan launch a nationwide campaign to boost (!) alcohol consumption?
  18. What’s Coca-Cola’s first ready-to-drink alcohol beverage?
  19. What’s another name for wasabi?
  20. What’s mansaf?
  21. What was the first American fast-food restaurant to open in the Soviet Union?
  22. What’s Halloumi?
  23. What does the Apple Pay Later service allow?
  24. Facebook owner Meta Platforms has its first physical store. What does it sell?
  25. Which company’s CEO was paid the highest in 2021?
  26. Ex-Fed Chair Ben Bernanke and two other US economists were awarded the Nobel Prize in economics in 2022 for their research on what?
  27. Which country is home to Assassin’s Creed maker Ubisoft?

2022 Sports Questions

  1. Who has the most Grand-Slam men’s singles titles?
  2. How many Grand Slam singles titles did Ash Barty win over her tennis career?
  3. How many times has Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open?
  4. Camp Nou, Barcelona’s iconic soccer stadium, is being rebranded as what?
  5. LeBron James became the only NBA player to hit which milestone?
  6. Why was WNBA player Brittney Griner arrested and detained in Russia?
  7. Super Bowl 56 was the first time the event was what?
  8. How many Super Bowl titles did Tom Brady win in his career?
  9. The Beijing Winter Olympics were the first Games to feature what?
  10. Which country topped Beijing’s 2022 Winter Olympics medal count?
  11. Who is the first woman to land a quadruple jump at the Olympics?
  12. Why is Serena Williams stepping away from tennis after the US Open?
  13. Who was the NBA’s first Black coach?
  14. Who was the first African American to play Major League Baseball (MLB)?
  15. Who is the youngest NBA player to reach 3,000 3-Point Field Goals?
  16. Who is the oldest man to win the French Open?
  17. The world governing body for swimming (FINA) prohibits transgender women from competing internationally unless what?
  18. In the US, which city is known as the Mile High City?
  19. In which case does FIFA stadium safety guidance allow “crowd control gas” (teargas) inside stadiums?
  20. Who holds the record for most consecutive weeks at No. 1 in the ATP Rankings?
  21. By winning the 2022 US Open, Iga Swiatek became the first WHAT?
  22. What’s the most-watched tennis match in ESPN history?

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