What in the world is in danger today?

Your daily news quiz is ready! Some are endangered, some are celebrating. Take this quiz to find out how smart you are today!

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What part of the world is in danger today?

What ecosystems are in danger? What Game of Thrones star holds a first child? And the Trillion dollar question: How Smart Are You Today?

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Who is this cheerful leader?

Photo: Office of U.S. National Security Advisor

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In the US, what does MLB usually refer to?

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What is the longest river in Spain?

Flag of Spain

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Which group had a top 10 Billboard hit with the song Roses in 2016?


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The US Senate is debating a 1 trillion dollars worth of coronavirus / unemployment aid. How many Zeros is that?

One Dollar bill

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Which company does this man head?

Apple CEO Tim Cook

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Where did Charles Darwin get the inspiration for his evolution theory?

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What is the most-watched German original series on Netflix?

Television set

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According to the news, what is the third largest city in Vietnam?

Vietnam Flag

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Who is Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner’s husband?

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