Weekly Quiz: Harris, Trump, Beirut

Your weekly news quiz is ready! Can you tell How well do you know Kamala Harris? What’s up with Donald Trump? Find out how smart you are this week!


Weekly Quiz: Kamala Harris, Beirut, Trump

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What does Katherine Schwarzenegger do for a living?

Katherine Schwarzenegger

Photo: Mingle Media TV / CC BY-SA 


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What does Sundar Pichai do for a living?

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In which of these shows did Simon Cowell never regularly appear?

Photo: See Li from London, UK / CC BY 

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What was Kamala Harris’s last job before entering the Senate?

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What do people mainly do with the Tik Tok app?

Tik Tok logo

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What was Elton John’s first name before he changed it to his familiar stage name?

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Indie film director Kevin Smith has a daughter, an indie film actress herself. What’s her name?

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Kamala Harris is not the first woman to be nominated for VP in a Presidential election. How many times has this happened before?

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What was Joe Biden’s pledge before naming his VP nominee?

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Which president was the first to have Dr. Anthony Fauci as an advisor?

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Where were Kamala Harris’s parents born?

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Which country had this man for a king until 2014?

Image by א (Aleph) / CC BY-SA

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Emmy nominations are out! What’s the most nominated show for 2020?

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Look at this logo. What service does this company mainly offer?

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Which Spice Girl from the 90’s pop group, was described as Sporty?

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