Weekly Quiz: Harris, Trump, Beirut

Your weekly news quiz is ready! Can you tell How well do you know Kamala Harris? What’s up with Donald Trump? Find out how smart you are this week!


Weekly Quiz: Kamala Harris, Beirut, Trump

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When was Kamala Harris appointed as Senator?

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When do US Presidential elections usually take place?

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In the context of COVID-19, what’s the difference between Antigen and PCR diagnostic tests?

Photo: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / Public domain

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What was Elton John’s first name before he changed it to his familiar stage name?

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Which state did Joe Biden represent in the US senate before he became Obama’s Vice President?

Joe Biden

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Which president was the first to have Dr. Anthony Fauci as an advisor?

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What did NASA name the robot exploring Mars these days?

Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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What app does this logo belong to?

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What do followers of QAnon conspiracy theory believe?

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What was the name of a documentary film directed by mysterious artists Banksy?

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What does Sundar Pichai do for a living?

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Who is this serious man next to President Obama?

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Emmy nominations are out! What’s the most nominated show for 2020?

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What is the purpose of the Mt Rushmore monument?

Photo: Jim Bowen from Hope Mills NC, US / CC BY

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Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of which school?

Photo: Anthony Quintano / CC BY 2.0

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