10 Reasons the Nintendo Wii U is the Right Choice in Vintage Gaming Consoles for You

You’ll be amazed, but the right vintage gaming console for you is the Nintendo Wii U Console.

While Nintendo ended production on the Wii U, it isn’t entirely dead. The company still issues occasional firmware updates for it.
If you carry fond memories of the old Wii, this is the right choice in gaming consoles for you – since it has slightly improved hardware than its predecessor.


The important stuff before you buy the Nintendo Wii U console

Will I be able to purchase new titles and connect with other players?

No. You’ll be able to purchase old titles of the Nintendo Wii U, even second hand, but don’t expect any new titles to come out soon. If that doesn’t meet your needs, you might look at buying a renewed Nintendo Switch.

What screens does the Wii U support?

The Wii U supports a 720p standard HDMI connection. Any screen up to HD-Ready will play its games perfectly. 

Is the Wii U quick to load games?

The Wii U is not the fastest gaming machine around. At its age – it’s a miracle it still circulates. If your point of reference is the historic Wii, then yes – It’s a little faster.

Is the Wii U a good first gaming console to own?

If the principal players on your new Wii U are children, it could be a perfect (and cost-effective) first gaming console.

Does the Wii U play HD Blu Ray discs?

The Wii U Gaming Console does not play Blu Ray Discs.

What colors do the Wii U come with?

The Wii U Gaming console comes with a choice of Black or White units.

What does the Wii U cost in 2020?

You can find renewed Wii U gaming consoles for as low as 275$ on Amazon.

Which games will I be able to play on my new Wii U?

The Wii U plays all your favorite old Wii games, as well as some newer versions of the Nintendo collection (Mario Brothers and such).

Is buying a renewed Wii U considered an Eco-Friendly purchase?

Since the company has ended production of the Nintendo Wii U, any new purchase of one of its units would be considered reuse, which is, of course, a very eco-friendly action. 

Does the Wii U support any VR games?

The Nintendo Wii U console does not support VR.

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