10 Reasons the Nintendo Switch console is the Right Choice in Gaming Consoles for You

Congratulations! It seems you’re going to make some kids around you very happy! The Nintendo Switch console seems to be the perfect choice in gaming consoles for you as it most fits both your gaming and your technical needs. Plus, you’re getting a handheld device at the same price, which might get you the peace of mind you seem to seek. If the neon-colored version deters you, take a look at the grey one.


The important stuff you should know before buying your new Nintendo Switch

Will I be able to purchase new titles and connect with other players on my new Nintendo Switch?

Absolutely yes. The Nintendo Switch console is now the flagship of the Nintendo empire and offers constant updates, as well as peer gaming.

Which screen size best fits the Nintendo Switch console?

Standard Full HD 1080p, or lower.

Will the Nintendo Switch load games fast enough?

The Nintendo Switch console is not the fastest, or meanest, gaming machine you can find. It makes up for what it lacks in speed with its unique and versatile design. That said, it’s fast enough to run even the latest of Nintendo games.

Is the Nintendo Switch a good beginner’s gaming console?

The Nintendo Switch is the perfect gaming console for the new gamer – assuming this newbie is in the right age (to play Mario Brothers and such).

Does its controller have special features?

Nintendo is famous for its novelty controllers. The Nintendo Switch controller is no exception. Its versatile functionality includes splitting to two – for one-on-one and physical games, reuniting to give a more standard gaming experience, and of course, acting as a handheld gaming unit when going out. It’s a cool gadget.

Does the Nintendo Switch console play Blu Ray discs?

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a Blu Ray disc driver. If this is a deal-breaker for you, we recommend you retake this test.

What colors will my new Nintendo Switch come in?

The Nintendo Switch comes in two pallets: Neon Blue and Red, or Grey.

How much does the Nintendo Switch cost in the 2020 holiday season?

You can find Nintendo Switch on Amazon starting at as low as 295$

What will I be playing on my new Nintendo Switch console?

Nintendo Switch offers all the latest Nintendo games, including Mario games, Pokémon games, and all your favorite Kid’s stuff, as well as third party games such as NBA 2K21.

Does the Nintendo Switch support VR games?

The Nintendo Switch console does not support VR games.

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