9 Reasons the Sony PS4 Pro is the Right Choice in Gaming Consoles for You

Congratulations! You’re getting a PS4 Pro! Fortunately for you, the cost has come down to a more reasonable price point, and it is still one of the best consoles you can get. Since Sony seems to have no plans on killing its PS4 enterprise, you’ll also enjoy new PlayStation games.


The important stuff you should know before buying your new PS4 Pro

Will I be able to purchase new titles and connect with other players on my new PS4 Pro?

You’ll be happy to know the predictions are that the PS4 will live alongside the PS5 for years to come. To the best of our knowledge, Sony has no plans to retire the PlayStation 4 enterprise any time soon.

What screen size best fits my new entertainment machine?

The PS4 Pro natively outputs video resolutions up to 2K (which fits most modern computer screens) and can scale up to 4K. This, of course, means it will work perfectly with a standard Full HD TV screen, and will still supply reasonable output for that 4K TV you’re going to get one day.

Is the PlayStation 4 Pro quick to load games?

The extra dollars over the base PS4 models luckily buy you a lot more power. Playing games on the Pro at 1080p provides visual upgrades you can’t get on the default PS4. That said, the PS5 will be a more powerful, much faster box (some say 100 times faster) than the PS4 Pro. Still, in our opinion, a 100 times faster than a few seconds is not that big of a difference when you want to budget your spending.

Is the Pro a good first gaming console to own?

The PlayStation 4 Pro is the perfect entertainment geek’s beginner’s console that will allow you to purchase the newest games while keeping your spending under control.

Does the PS4 Pro play HD Blu Ray discs?

Yes. It plays Blu Ray discs Up to 2K.

What colors does the Pro console come in?

The PlayStation 4 Pro Gaming console comes in a Black design.

What will the PS4 Pro cost in the holiday season of 2020?

You can find PlayStation 4 Pro consoles for as low as 400$ on Amazon.

Which games will I be able to play on my new gaming beast?

All your favorite PlayStation games. From Bloodborne, Final Fantasy VII Remake, God of War, Persona 5 to the latest additions in the PlayStation store.

Does it support any VR games?

Yes! The PS4 Pro has better game capture features and supports VR, in comparison to PS4, Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch, which do not.

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