12 Reasons the Microsoft Xbox One X is the Absolute Right Choice in Gaming Consoles for You

The gaming console that will perfectly fit your exact needs is the slightly older Xbox One X. Even today, the One X remains one of the best pieces of multimedia hardware on the market.
Getting a One X in the holiday season of 2020 still provides a superb gaming performance, plus access to hundreds of Xbox Games, all for a non-premium price.
If you still prefer the premium-priced Xbox series X – we won’t stop you. Click here to see the newer Xbox series X details.


The important stuff you should know before buying your new Microsoft Xbox One X

What Screen size best fits my new Xbox One X?

The Xbox One X resolution is a native HDR 4K. This means it will play games and media perfectly on your modern 4K TV.

Is the One X quick to load games?

The Xbox One X is no longer the fastest gaming machine around. It’s probably the fifth-fastest gaming console right now. If you don’t mind some minimal waiting, you’ll get a worthwhile gaming experience at an affordable price. If that doesn’t meet your standards, you should check out the newer Xbox series X.

Is the Xbox One X a good first gaming console to own?

The affordable price makes the One X the perfect beginner’s gaming console, with its steady support by Microsoft, an extremely anticipated library of games, and all the features that still make it a great buy.

Does the One X play 4K Blu Ray discs?

It plays Blu-Ray discs up to 4K with beautiful HDR colors.

What colors does the One X come in?

The One X Gaming console comes in Black.

What should the Xbox One X cost in the holiday season of 2020?

You can find brand new One X gaming consoles for the value-for-money price of 397$ on Amazon.

Which games will I be able to play on my new Xbox One X?

You’ll be happy to know that the new Microsoft Xbox Series X games are compatible with One X.

Can buying a new Xbox One X be considered as an Eco Friendly purchase?

Since Microsoft has ended production of the One X, any new purchase of one of its units would be considered reuse, which is, of course, a very eco-friendly thing to do.

Does the Xbox One X support any VR games?

No. The One X does not support VR games.

Do I have to get rid of all my beloved older Xbox possessions?

No you Don’t. Your Xbox One X is backwards compatible with all Xbox One’s supporting hardware accessories, as well as your Xbox One library.

Does it have enough drive space?

The One X sports a 1T HDD drive. This means you’ll probably have enough drive space for your gaming and media needs, but that’s somewhat slower than the more modern Xbox Series X. If that’s a deal-breaker for you, we suggest you take a look at the new Xbox Series X.

What sound system should I plug my new Xbox One X to?

The One X supports next-generation audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, provided you have a recent home theater receiver that supports them.

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