Zen Gaming Consoles Quiz: Which is the ABSOLUTE right console for you in the holiday season 2020?

The gaming consoles 2020 race has begun when many new gaming consoles just hit the market, competing for a place in your home life. But which one is the exact right for you?

You don’t have to choose between PS5 and the new Xbox series X on your own – and they are far from being the only options.

If you’re new to gaming, we may also save you a little fortune by pointing you in the direction of the low-mid range priced consoles such as the Nintendo Switch console and the new Xbox series S with its surprisingly low price tag. We even have some vintage consoles on our list for your delight.

Gaming Consoles 2020: You are FIVE questions from finding your exact gaming match.

Let’s start by determining which kind of consumer you are.

In Our Gaming Consoles Comparison:

Nintendo Wii U Renewed – 219$ FAQ On Wikipedia  
Playstation 2 – Slim Renewed – 200$ FAQ On Wikipedia  
Xbox One Used – From 340$ FAQ On Wikipedia  
Nintendo Switch 295$ FAQ On Wikipedia  
PS4 Slim 345$ FAQ On Wikipedia  
The Xbox One S 299$ FAQ On Wikipedia  
Xbox series S 299$ FAQ On Wikipedia  
PS4 Pro 445$ FAQ On Wikipedia  
Xbox One X 399$ FAQ On Wikipedia  
Xbox series X 499$ FAQ On Wikipedia  
PS5 499$ FAQ On Wikipedia  
PS5 Digital Edition 399$ FAQ On Wikipedia  
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