4 Step Quiz: Which New Gaming Console is Just Right for You? – Xbox X VS. PS5

It’s Xbox X VS PS5 time!

Xbox X VS PS5: Which new gaming consoles are just perfect for you?


Which high-end game console should you buy? – Xbox X vs PS5

You are just four questions away from deciding which of these models is the right one for you

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To what type of screen will you be connecting your new piece of art?

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What type of sound system do you have?

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Will you be playing VR games?

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Do you own a lot of Blu-Ray games and media?

Models featured in this quiz: Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Xbox One X, Sony PS5, Sony PS5 Digital Edition.

So, you’re tired of your old gaming console and decided to avoid loading time at all costs. You’ll be spending between 399$ and 499$ for any of the elite consoles. Find out which of these consoles is best for you.

Since you’re here, we assume both consoles are an option. If you’re waiting for either the Xbox X or PS5 new game exclusives, then you already made your mind. Otherwise, we’ll help you find the absolute best gaming and home entertainment beast for your specific needs.

Both new gaming consoles are way superior to their predecessors and offer superb gaming and home entertainment experience. Both the Sony PlayStation 5 and the Microsoft Xbox series X have digital versions (i.e., no Blu-Ray disc-drive) that might better suit your needs for less. In just four short questions, you’ll find out which gaming console best fits your individual needs.

Choices that may suit your gaming needs could be the PS4 Pro, PS5, PS5 Digital Edition, the Xbox series X, and the Xbox Series S.

In Our Gaming Consoles Comparison:

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