Tease Quiz: Should You Take a Spanish Language Learning Course?

Thinking of taking a Spanish language learning course? Let’s see if you need one!


Do You Need to Improve Your Spanish?

10 Questions. Common Spanish Phrases. No Time-Limit.

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If someone asks, ‘¿Hablas español?’, what would you answer?

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Can you tell us, ¿Cómo estás hoy?

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If someone is interested to know, ¿tienes la edad legal para beber?, how would you react?

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When someone wishes you buenas tardes, what do they mean?

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Can you tell ¿Qué es la cucaracha?

6 / 10

What are the colors of the USA Flag?

7 / 10

When someone tells you Hasta pronto, what does it mean?

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You see a sign: Use una máscara antes de ingresar. What do you do?

9 / 10

Can you answer this question: ¿Te registraste para votar?

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Esta es la última pregunta del cuestionario. What does it mean?

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