Essential News Quiz: Donald Trump Taxes

Donald Trump Taxes

Daily News Quiz. Sept. 29, 2020

Donald Trump Taxes Special: 10 Questions, No time-limit, Dirty details after each question. How smart are you today?


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According to the New York Times report, how much did Ex-President Donald Trump pay in taxes in the year of his election?

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Out of the $95 million in federal taxes President Trump paid in the last 18 years, how much did he receive back in tax returns he claimed?

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According to the NY Times report, which of these didn’t Trump claim as business expenses in his tax reports?

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How much did Donald Trump spend on his hairstyle during his time on The Apprentice?

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What was Ivanka Trump’s part in the family’s tax avoidance, according to the New York Times?

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According to the Trump Organization website, what is the nature of Trump’s Seven Springs estate in Westchester County, N.Y.?

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According to the president’s tax reports, how much did he earn since 2010 on his golf course businesses?

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The NY Times states that the president has a mortgage he took in 2012, which is due in 2022. How much will Trump have to pay?

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According to the report, how much does Donald Trump owe in loans in the coming four years?

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How much in property has President Trump left to sell, according to the New York Times report?

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