Confidential Halloween Dashing Masked Singer 2020 Quiz

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Masked Singer Halloween quiz

The Masked Singer 2020 Halloween Quiz

10 Questions. No Time-Limit. Guesses are gladly received.

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Which costume hid Wayne Brady until he won the second season of Masked Singer?

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According to Mariah Carey,  Nick Cannon and her ended up divorced after Cannon had a hard time dealing with what?

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Before becoming a comedian, what was panelist Ken Jeong’s profession?

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Are Jenny and Melissa McCarthy related?

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Which of these musical sensations did not feature Nicole Scherzinger as a member?

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Where was the Masked Singer TV show originally conceived?

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What is the connection between Robin Thicke and the eliminated giraffe Brian Austin Green?

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What is the name of the trophy awarded for the Masked Singer winner each season?

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What is the “Golden Ear”?

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Mickey Rourke’s rendition of which classic song got him eliminated on week 2 of season four?

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Quiz Cover Photos: Jeong – Sidewalks Entertainment / CC BY, McCarthy – MingleMediaTVNetwork / CC BY-SA, Scherzinger – Alison Martin / CC BY-SA, Rourke – David Shankbone / CC BY, Wayne – SAMHSA / Public domain.