John Lennon 2020: Gimme Some Truth Quiz


John Lennon Quiz

Gimme Some Truth – John Lennon 2020 Quiz

5 Questions. The Latest on Lennon after each entry. No Time-Limit.

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How old would John Lennon be in 2020?


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According to his son Sean, in recent interviews, besides the Vietnam war, what caused Lennon to try and return his Member of the Order of the British Empire status to the queen?

Photo: Joost Evers / Anefo / CC0

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Does John Lennon have a Tik Tok account?

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What is the title of the 2020 Ultimate Mixes collection, completely remastered by Sean Ono Lennon?

John Lennon Quiz

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Who owns the piano on which John Lennon wrote the song Imagine?

Photo: Dave Fey from St. Louis, USA. Update: Glenn Paster, Massachusetts, USA, 8/16/2017 / CC BY



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