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2020 Business and Tech Quiz

2020 Year-End Quiz: 12 Business and Tech related Questions, No time-limit. A fun-fact follows each entry. How smart are you this year?


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Which streaming app won both Google Play User Choice App for 2020 and Apple TV App of the Year?

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In 2020, who was the world’s wealthiest man?

Photos: The White House
Richest person 2020

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According to the US government, how much of the internet search does Google control?

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What does Apple describe as the Ceramic Shield of the iPhone 12?

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Which company produces this console?

Image: xbox.com

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What does this impressive woman do for a living?

Photo: Steve Fecht for General Motors

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The iPhone 12 Pro models come with a LiDAR scanner. What is that?

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According to the New York Times report, President Trump paid a mere $750 in income taxes in the US in both 2016 and 2017. How much did Trump say he spent on the first presidential debate of 2020?


Photo:The White House from Washington, DC / Public domain

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Out of the $95 million in federal taxes President Trump paid in the last 18 years, how much did he receive back in tax returns he claimed?

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According to the president’s tax reports, how much did he earn since 2010 on his golf course businesses?

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Joe Biden announced Janet Yellen as his treasury secretary nominee. What was her job between 2014 and 2018?

Photo: Central Bank of Chile, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

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What’s the name of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft in use on NASA’s first full-fledged mission on a privately-owned space taxi?

Photo: NASA
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