Sept. 2021 Entertainment News Round-Up Super Quiz

Questions updated on Sept. 26, 2021.  September 2021 saw the revival of Broadway, Late Night TV, and the Met Gala. Take this FOMO Sept. 2021 Entertainment News Quiz to ensure you didn’t miss anything important: From the Marvel Universe to the art world and celebrities. Take the quiz!

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1. What’s the title of Drake’s 2021 album?

Screenshot: Drake on YouTube

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2. How old is Beyoncé in 2021?

Screenshot: Beyoncé on YouTube.

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3. How old would Freddy Mercury be in 2022 had he been alive?

Photo:, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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4. Which classic rock band had Jimmy Page as a guitar player?

Screenshot: BiennaleChannel on YouTube.

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5. In which classic TV series was Omar Little a recurring character?

Screenshot: HBO

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6. Where was comedian Norm MacDonald born?

Screenshot: Norm MacDonald's Moth Joke via Team Coco on YouTube.

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7. What is the only comedy feature film Leonardo DiCaprio took part in as an actor before 2021?

Screenshot: Don’t Look Up / Netflix

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8. Who scripted the 2021 film Spencer, starring Kristen Stuart as Princess Diana?

Screenshot: Spencer / Neon Films

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9. What is Rogers: The Musical?

Screenshot: Marvel Studio’s Hawkeye trailer

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10. What’s the name of Banksy’s half shredded painting?


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11. What is the first-ever Netflix series to win an Emmy for best drama?

Screenshot: The Crown / Netflix

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12. Who is the most-awarded Black artist in Emmys history?

Screenshot: The 73rd annual Primetime Emmy Awards / Television Academy / CBS

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13. Where was BTS’s new Permission to Dance music video shot?

Screenshot: United Nations on YouTube.

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14. Which American cable news network was first to air a permanent 24-hour news ticker?

Screenshot: Fox News

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