Festive Flip: Ukraine Celebrates Christmas on December 25th

As of 2023, Ukraine Celebrates Christmas on Dec. 25th. Join us as we unwrap this festive flip, symbolizing cultural independence and resilience.


  • Ukraine’s switch to Dec. 25th for Christmas is like rewriting the holiday rulebook.
  • The Orthodox Church of Ukraine’s 2019 recognition was a religious game-changer.
  • Despite the revised date, some Ukrainian parishes still observe Jan. 7th, proving old habits die hard.
Ukraine Celebrates Christmas on Dec. 25th
Ukraine Celebrates Christmas on Dec. 25th. Screenshot: euronews – YouTube

New! Ukraine celebrates Christmas on Dec. 25th. In a move more surprising than finding out your secret Santa is actually Santa, Ukraine officially shifted its Christmas celebration to Dec. 25th in 2023. This historic change, signed into law by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in July 2023, marked a significant departure from the traditional Jan. 7th date. Let’s dive into this dramatic yet trivia-packed celebration.

1. Calendar Revolution: Ukraine Celebrates Christmas on Dec. 25th for the 1st time

In a move as unexpected as finding out Santa’s got a summer home in Hawaii, Ukraine celebrates Christmas on Dec. 25th for the first time in 2023. This historic shift, initiated by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, marked a departure from the January 7th tradition aligned with the Russian Orthodox Church. It’s like trading snow boots for beach sandals – unconventional yet refreshing.

2. The Orthodox Church of Ukraine: A Journey to Autonomy

The Orthodox Church of Ukraine, once under the Russian Orthodox Church’s umbrella, gained full recognition in 2019 from the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. It’s like the church’s version of a blockbuster independence movie. Post-2022, amidst the Russia-Ukraine war, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church declared autonomy, though it still observes Christmas on Jan. 7th. It’s like changing your relationship status to ‘It’s complicated.’

3. Public Enthusiasm: Ukraine Embraces the Dec. 25th Christmas

Ukrainians welcomed the move to celebrate Christmas on Dec. 25th with the excitement of a child on Christmas Eve. This wasn’t just a date change but a bold statement of national identity, as distinctive as borscht is from apple pie. From the open-air museum in Kyiv to the streets of Lviv, the festive spirit was as palpable as the aroma of freshly baked pampushky (Ukrainian garlic bread, duh!).

4. The War’s Echo: A Christmas of Mixed Emotions

The ongoing conflict with Russia added a poignant layer to Ukraine’s Christmas celebrations. The joy of the festive season was intertwined with reflections on the war’s toll, creating a tapestry of emotions as complex as a Tolstoy novel. Ukrainians found strength in their traditions, demonstrating a resilience that would make even the Grinch’s heart grow three sizes.

In conclusion, Ukraine’s decision to celebrate Christmas on Dec. 25th is more than a calendar change. It’s a narrative of cultural identity, a symbol of resilience, and a defining chapter in history. It’s as exciting as discovering Santa’s actual workshop – metaphorically speaking. Stay tuned to HowSmart.net for more intriguing trivia that tickles your intellect and stirs your curiosity!

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1. What’s Roskomnadzor?

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2. What was the Russian cruiser Moskva?

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3. What’s Azovstal?

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4. What’s “status quo ante”?

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5. What does the unicorn insignia mean in the Ukrainian army’s uniform?

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6. Why did Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov auction off his Nobel Peace Prize medal?

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7. How did the Kremlin react to Elon Musk’s peace in Ukraine proposal?

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8. Which country equipped Russia with kamikaze drones to attack Ukraine in October 2022?

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9. Which countries agreed on Jan. 2023 to continue military support to Ukraine in close Euro-Atlantic coordination?

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10. How much additional military aid did President Biden promise during his visit to Kyiv in February 2023?

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11. What is the New START Treaty?

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12. According to Putin’s Feb. 2023 State of the Nation speech, Ukraine is under the occupation of who?

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13. According to his 2023 State-of-the-Nation speech, how does Vladimir Putin plan to fight Western sanctions in the future?

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14. What is the title of the Oscar-winning documentary covering the story of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny?

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15. Where can you find Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny these days?

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16. How did the world learn about the US plans to help Ukraine fend off a Russian invasion in 2023?

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17. How did Russia react to Sen. Lindsey Graham’s meeting with Volodymyr Zelenskyy on May 30, 2023?

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18. After Yevgeny Prigozhin’s dramatic exit from the world stage, how did Russian President Putin season his remarks about the former Wagner rebellion chef?

Screenshot: BBC News – YouTube

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19. How did Kim Jong-Un roll into Russia for his tête-à-tête with Putin on Sept. 12, 2023?

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20. When does Ukraine celebrate Christmas?

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🙋‍♀️ FAQ: Ukraine Celebrates Christmas on Dec. 25th for the First Time

When did Ukraine start celebrating Christmas on Dec. 25th?

Ukraine officially began celebrating Christmas on Dec. 25th in 2023. This marked a significant shift from their traditional date of Jan. 7th.

Why did Ukraine change the date of Christmas celebrations?

The change was part of Ukraine’s efforts to assert its national identity and cultural independence, particularly in its ongoing conflict with Russia. The move was also a step towards aligning with Western Christian traditions.

Are any regions or churches in Ukraine still celebrating Christmas on Jan. 7th?

Yes, some parishes of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, previously a branch of the Russian Orthodox Church, continue to follow the old liturgical calendar and celebrate Christmas on Jan. 7th.

What are some unique traditions observed during Christmas in Ukraine?

Traditional celebrations include caroling, festive meals, and attending church services. These traditions have been infused with national pride and reflection in recent years due to the country’s socio-political climate.

Is the Dec. 25th Christmas celebration now a public holiday in Ukraine?

Yes, with the shift to Dec. 25th, Christmas is officially a public holiday in Ukraine.

Will Ukraine continue to celebrate Christmas on Dec. 25th in the future?

It is expected that Ukraine will continue to celebrate Christmas on Dec. 25th in the coming years, solidifying this new tradition as part of its national identity.

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