launched in 2020 as a news-based trivia website. It offers a weekly news quiz and daily trivia games that allow users to test their knowledge of current events, entertainment, history, arts, and more.

When false news articles are widely spread, we ensure that this site’s information comes from reliable and trustworthy sources. All answers on our website are cross-checked with the most trusted news providers on the planet and relevant government agencies and NGOs.

We also offer a unique opportunity for advertisers to engage users in challenging, empowering, and entertaining ways.

Our Mission aims to curate reliable news facts and deliver them to audiences everywhere, including those less likely to engage in news-oriented media. We chose to do it with fun and engaging free quizzes, as we believe information should be free and learning should be fun.

Our Products

We always strive to innovate and reach new audiences through new products.

Interactive Quizzes offers three types of interactive games:

  • Online interactive multiple-choice questions – in which each click reveals the correct answer and adds relevant news facts.
  • Downloadable PowerPoint files – each click reveals a possible answer and eliminates them until the correct answer remains and a news-fact is revealed.

The News Quiz of the Week

A weekly news challenge, with questions and multiple-choice answers on the last seven days’ headlines. We double-check each answer with reliable sources such as The New York Times, The Guardian, Associated Press, Reuters, and Washington Post, to name a few.

Our current events game rounds up global news headlines on politics, entertainment, science, technology, business, and more. The News Quiz of the Week is intended for everyone – from individual news junkies to weekend gatherings and students worldwide. We also offer a video version for classes and Zoom parties. Take the News Quiz of the Week.

Daily Trivia Games

Test your knowledge in our deep-dive challenges, published (almost) daily, on every subject imaginable – from Netflix to Elon Musk and Black History. All games have multiple-choice answers and up-to-date bonus news facts. Try our Daily Trivia Quizzes.

Free Quiz Rounds

Trivia contests are ever-popular on family game nights, pub quizzes, and friends’ gatherings. We offer easy-to-copy questions and answers for (almost) any topic. Most of our game rounds also offer a video version. Printable PDFs and customizable PowerPoint quizzes are available to download for an extra cost. Get your FREE first download with this coupon code: ImSmart. Check out our free quiz rounds.

Quiz Questions

If you’re looking for endless lists of topical questions, we’ve created a Questions Lists section with hundreds of updated questions and answers for your next pub quiz or game night. Feel free to copy any or all of our huge lists of trivia questions.

Printable Trivia and Factbooks

Sports Quiz April 2022 Printable PDF PowerPoint PPT
  • Quiz Rounds: Trivia lovers can download our game rounds in printable PDFs (10 multiple-choice questions on one page, detailed answers with links to relevant news sources on another) and customizable PowerPoint files to enrich any trivia event. Please find our latest downloadable trivia rounds here.
2022 Factbook Current Events Printable PDF - 47 General Knowledge Quiz Questions
  • The Yearly Factbook: Trivia masters and teachers will enjoy a full year of questions and answers divided into topics like current events, science and nature, entertainment, and sports. You’ll find valuable and engaging clickable links on every page of our Yearly Factbook. Download a full year of questions and answers here.
Black History Fact Book 2022

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Ownership is privately owned and maintained by Orr Knispel – until recently, a full-time journalist and part-time questions writer for TV, apps, and print, with experience of over 20 years covering current events.

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