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2022 Quizzes: Do you need some fun ways to stay sharp this holiday season? Check out our quiz questions and answers for the best 2022 Round-up! Take the quizzes online, print them out and play on the go or with family and friends – your choice!

2022 United States Trivia: 21 US Quiz Questions

The famous New York "Whitney" is a Museum for what? When was the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC built? What was the United State's longest war? What is the median age of US women giving birth? And who is the American Music Awards' most-awarded artist ever? (21 questions)

The Ultimate 2022 Marvel Cinematic Universe Quiz

Which movie was the first with Tom Holland as Spider-man? Which film sees the MCU's first deaf character? In which movie was Black widow first introduced? And What is Rogers: The Musical? Test your knowledge of the Avengers, the Eternals, and the rest of the MCU. (17 questions)