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2022 Quizzes: Do you need some fun ways to stay sharp this holiday season? Check out our quiz questions and answers for the best 2022 Round-up! Take the quizzes online, print them out and play on the go or with family and friends – your choice!

The Big 2022 Music Quiz: 22 Pop Music Questions

Take The Big 2022 Music Quiz! Which artists removed their discography from Spotify in 2022? In the Brits' first-ever genderless awards, who won more prizes? What did BTS do in the White House? And Taylor Swift describes what as "the story of 13 sleepless nights"? (22 questions from 2022

Big Politics Quiz 2022: Top 22 Political Questions

What is the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling? The European Union's embargo on Russian oil exempts which country? Who did Britain's new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, speak with on her first call as PM? And How did the Kremlin react to Elon Musk's peace initiative? (22 questions)

2022 United States Trivia: 21 Big US Quiz Questions

The famous New York "Whitney" is a Museum for what? When was the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC built? What was the United State's longest war? What is the median age of US women giving birth? And who is the American Music Awards' most-awarded artist ever? (21 questions)