Printable Royal Family Quiz 2022 | PDF

Printable Royal Family Quiz 2022 | PDF

Test your royal knowledge with these 15 multiple-choice royal family quiz questions from our daily quizzes for 2021 and 2022. Get ready for some up-to-date questions and answers – plus extra fun facts – about the British Royal family: From Queen Elizabeth II to little Lilibet Diana.

The Royal Family Trivia Quiz (15 multiple-choice Royal-Family-related questions –  2022 edition) is available to download as a printable PDF file with handy answers pages for $1.95. Preview the Royal Family Trivia quiz and get it here.

Royal Family Quiz Sample Page


First Page of the Printable Royal Family Quiz (2022). The actual file includes detailed answers to each question.

Which game features Darth Vader on a rollercoaster? Over 750 Tesla owners complained to regulators about what? Who’s been on SNL longer – McKinnon or Davidson? In comparison to smallpox, Western African monkeypox is what? What did Jason Momoa apologize for doing at The Sistine Chapel?