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Jan. 6 News Quiz of the Week: Happy 2023!

The Jan. 6 News Quiz of the Week: Who is the first Black politician to lead either party in the US Congress? What did Barbara Walters ask President Jimmy Carter? And what's unusual about Netflix's Kaleidoscope? (11 questions and answers)

June 3 News Quiz of the Week: BTS Heard

News articles about which subject generated the most social media reactions this month? The European Union's embargo on Russian oil exempts which country? And the city of Memphis, Tennessee, is named after which country's Memphis? (12 questions)

Oscars Quiz 2022: 12 Fun Academy Awards Questions

Daily trivia quiz questions on 2022's 94th Academy Awards ceremony: The 2022 Academy Awards are the first to have what? Which movie led the 2022 Oscar nominations? And who's the only filmmaker nominated for best director Oscars in six different decades? (12 questions)