Who was Dr. Fauci’s first President boss?

Your daily news quiz is ready! Can you also tell what Ammonium nitrate is supposed to do? Find out how smart you are today!


What is Ammonium nitrate usually used for?

This is your daily quiz for Wednesday, August 6th 2020. Let’s see how smart you are today!

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Category: Business

What app does this logo belong to?

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Category: Entertainment

Which Spice Girl from the 90’s pop group, was described as Sporty?

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Category: Politics

When do US Presidential elections usually take place?

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Category: Business

What does Sundar Pichai do for a living?

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Category: Entertainment

What was Elton John’s first name before he changed it to his familiar stage name?

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Category: Culture

Political activist Rosa Parks is best known for her refusal to sit in the back seat of a bus. Where did this happen?

7 / 10

Category: Entertainment

Indie film director Kevin Smith has a daughter, an indie film actress herself. What’s her name?

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Category: Science

What did NASA name the robot exploring Mars these days?

Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech

9 / 10

Category: Politics

Which president was the first to have Dr. Anthony Fauci as an advisor?

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Category: Science

What is Ammonium nitrate usually used for?

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