Quick News Quiz: The USA is #1 in… What?!

sept 23 2020 quiz

Daily News Quiz for Sept. 23, 2020

6 questions, No time-limit, News update after each question. So, how smart are you today?


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According to a recent report from the UN social progress index, what is the only field in which the US actually is #1 in the world?

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Which TV series had a historical win in the 2020 Emmys?

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Who’s this impressive woman?

Rachel Malehorn / CC BY

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What’s the title of JK Rowling’s new book?

Photo: Executive Office of the President / Public domain

5 / 6

What’s Mark Chapman famous for?


6 / 6

What is the relationship between Superman and Supergirl?

Screenshot: melissabenoist – Instagram

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