June 17 News Quiz of the Week: Hearings, Syndrom

June 17, 2022.

Welcome to our weekly current events trivia challenge, the June 17 News Quiz of the Week: Test your knowledge of 2022 current events trivia and the week’s headlines. In politics: According to the Jan. 6 House Committee Hearings, what did Donald Trump’s “Election Defense Fund” fund? In technology: What is the all-time best-selling video game globally? And in celebrity health: What’s Ramsay Hunt syndrome? Make sure you know what happened this week. Our weekly news trivia game with the week’s best trivia questions and answers begins when you hit “Start Quiz.”

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News Quiz of the Week (Current Events Trivia) for Friday, June 17, 2022

News Quiz of the Week: 10 Multiple-choice general knowledge questions from the past news week. No time-limit. How smart are you this weekend?

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1. According to the Jan. 6 House Committee Hearings, what did Donald Trump’s “Election Defense Fund” fund?

Screenshot: The Jan. 6 House Committee Hearings

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2. The American Dollar and the European Euro are the two most-traded currencies globally. What is the third?

Photo: Mr.ちゅらさん, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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3. Who initially used to live in Venice’s ghetto?

Photo: Daniel Ventura, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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4. What is the all-time best-selling video game globally?

Screenshot: Minecraft on YouTube

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5. What’s Coca-Cola’s first ready-to-drink alcohol beverage?

Image: Coca-Cola

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6. What’s Ramsay Hunt syndrome?

Screenshot: Justin Bieber on Instagram

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7. Why did pop star Lizzo change the opening lyrics for “GRRRLS”?

Screenshot: Saturday Night Live / NBC

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8. Jennifer Hudson won which awards during her career?

Screenshot: Late Show with Stephen Colbert / CBS

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9. How old is Rebel Wilson in 2022?

Screenshot: Rebel Wilson on Instagram

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10. Which movie features Disney/Pixar’s first same-sex kiss?

Screenshot: Disney / Pixar

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Sources for the June 17 News Quiz of the Week

We crosscheck each of the facts in our current events quizzes with the world’s top news providers, research centers, and NGOs. Here’s a list of news articles that inspired this week’s news quiz. Consider it our reading recommendations for the weekend.

January 6 House Committee Hearings

The June 17 News Quiz of the Week Questions

Here’s a full list of our current events quiz questions for this weekend.

June 17 News Quiz of the Week - Current Events Trivia Quiz
  • More than 750 Tesla owners have complained to US safety regulators about what?

    Photo: Courtesy of Tesla
    Phantom braking.
    Stock dropping.
    Their Tesla car is too wide for narrow roads.
    Their Tesla car costs too much.

    Who is the oldest man to win the French Open?

    Screenshot: Roland Garros on YouTube
    Roger Federer.
    Rafael Nadal.
    Andrés Gimeno.
    Ken Rosewall.

    Who is Queen Elizabeth II having tea with in this picture?

    Screenshot: Platinum Party at the Palace / BBC One
    Rupert Bear.
    Fozzie Bear.
    Paddington Bear.

    Which video game features Darth Vader on a rollercoaster?

    Screenshot: Fortnite / Epic Games / Lucasfilm
    Among Us.

    What's the world's largest plant?

    Photo: Rachel Austin / The University of Western Australia
    Poseidon’s ribbon weed.
    The General Sherman tree.
    Mediterranean tapeweed.
    The Indian banyan.

    MCU’s Ms. Marvel is what?

    Screenshot: Ms. Marvel, Marvel Entertainment, Disney+
    Marvel’s first queer superhero.
    Marvel’s first Muslim superhero.
    Marvel’s first Latinx superhero.
    Marvel’s first teenage superhero.

    How is the Bali myna different from other myna species?

    Photo: Rolandandika, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
    It’s an invasive species.
    It’s a talking bird.
    It’s all-white.
    It eats insects and fruit.

    Where do most of the world's Muslims live?

    Photo: Election Commission (GODL-India), GODL-India, via Wikimedia Commons
    The Americas.
    Sub-Saharan Africa.
    The Arab world (Western Asia, Northern, Western, and Eastern Africa).
    The Asia-Pacific region (East Asia, South Asia, and Oceania).

    What does the Apple Pay Later service allow?

    Photo: Apple
    Four equal payments spread over six weeks.
    Two equal payments spread over two weeks.
    A four-week extension to fully pay for any purchase.
    An eight-week extension to fully pay for apple products.

    Who's this Royal Baby?

    Photo: Misan Harriman/ The Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Twitter
    Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s daughter.
    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s daughter.
    Albert II, Prince of Monaco, and Charlene Wittstock’s daughter.
    Princess Eugenie of York and Jack Brooksbank’s daughter.

    What’s Halloumi?

    Photo: Ewan Munro, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons
    A Greek brined white cheese.
    An Indian fresh acid-set cheese.
    A semi-hard, unripened cheese from Cyprus.
    A southern Italian cheese made by the pasta filata method.

    What's OpenSea?

    A cryptocurrency exchange company.
    An image bank.
    A marketplace for handmade and vintage items.
    An NFT marketplace.

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