Nvidia’s Trillion-Dollar: AI, GPUs, and a Whole Lot of Zeros in 4 Trivia Facts

Nvidia’s trillion-dollar moment

In a world where zeros matter, Nvidia Corp, a leading chipmaker, added a few more to its value. On May 30, 2023, Nvidia briefly joined the exclusive club of US companies with a $1tn market value. This club includes tech titans – Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Amazon. But how did Nvidia, known for its graphics processing units (GPUs), essential for running complex AI models, manage to dance its way into this elite gathering? Here are the facts.

1. The Rise: From Silicon Valley to Wall Street

Nvidia's CEO, Jensen Huang measuring Nvidia's trillion-dollar value.
Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang measuring Nvidia’s trillion-dollar value. Screenshot: Nvidia on YouTube

Nvidia’s stock value has tripled in less than eight months and gained about 200% since October 2023. The company’s shares closed 3% higher at $401.11 on Tuesday, May 30, 2023, briefly reaching a $1 trillion market value in intraday trading. This surge in value has made Nvidia one of the few US companies to reach a $1 trillion valuation. It’s like being invited to the most exclusive party in town, and Nvidia just got its golden ticket.

2. The Secret Sauce: AI and GPUs

AI Lock
Illustration: HowSmart.net & DALL·E

The company’s rapid growth is due to its GPUs, critical to generative AI platforms. As a result, Nvidia’s revenue forecast surpassed Wall Street’s by more than 50%, something some analysts called “unfathomable” and “cosmological.” It’s like Nvidia has discovered an alternate universe where stars are silicon and galaxies are powered by AI.

3. The Captain: Jensen Huang at the Helm

Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, has led the company’s pivot to the data center market over the last few years. This market has seen significant expansion during the pandemic due to increased gaming, cloud adoption, and crypto mining.

4. The Future: More Zeros on the Horizon?

Nvidia’s surge in value has also sparked a rally in AI-related stocks and boosted other chipmakers. Despite the high valuation, analysts believe Nvidia’s AI chips business has room for growth as generative AI technology is still nascent, with wide adoption expected in the future.

News Trivia Quiz Time – The Trillion Dollar Quiz

Now that you know all the facts about Nvidia’s trillion-dollar value, how about a news quiz?

The Trillion Dollar Quiz

5 Quick General knowledge multiple-choice questions about the trillionaires of the world. Click “Start quiz.” new facts follow each entry.

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How many zeros in a trillion (in the UK/US English meaning)?

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How many trillionaires live in the world?

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How many billions in a $1 trillion?

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Which of these companies are worth over $2 trillion?

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What year saw Tesla break the $1 trillion market worth barrier?

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