Feb. 23 Weekly News Quiz: Where did Navalny Die?

Feb. 23, 2024.

News Quiz: Test your knowledge of the latest current events stories every Friday with the weekly news quiz. From Russia’s Alexei Navalny’s untimely death and Trump’s $355 million verdict to Beyonce’s historic achievement and Tesla’s cybertruck’s reaction to rain, see how well you know what happened these past seven days with the Feb. 23 News Quiz.

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  • This weekly current events quiz has 12 multiple-choice current trivia questions and answers about the biggest headlines of the last seven days. You can take the quiz online, play the video quiz, or print it out for your weekly trivia party.  
  • Click the below button to start the quiz. You will see each question with four possible answers. Choose the best answer to see if you’re correct, read the explanation or skip it, and move on to the next question. At the end of the quiz, you will see your score. 
  • If you prefer to play the video quiz, scroll down. You will have 30 seconds to answer each question. How many questions can you answer in 6 minutes? 
  • If you want to print out the quiz, scroll down to find our PDF link. You can download the Feb. 23 News Quiz’s FREE PDF with all the questions on one page and separate pages for answers and links.

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Feb. 23, 2024, Weekly News Quiz (Current Events Trivia Game)

News Quiz: 12 Multiple-choice general knowledge questions to summarize the week’s headlines ending on Feb. 23, 2024. No time-limit. How smart are you this week?

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1. Where did Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny die?

Photo: Evgeny Feldman / CC BY-SA

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2. What venture did Donald Trump announce a day after being ordered to pay nearly $355 million in a New York fraud trial?

Screenshot: NBC10 Philadelphia  (youtube.com)

3 / 12

3. What’s a quasar?

Image: ESO/M. Kornmesser

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4. Why did the EU open an official investigation into TikTok in Feb. 2024?

Screenshot: euronews (youtube.com)

5 / 12

5. What does the name “Sora,” given to OpenAI’s new AI video generator, mean?

Screenshot: Sora (openai.com)

6 / 12

6. How do Tesla Cybertrucks react to rain?

Screenshot: KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco (youtube.com)

7 / 12

7. What does Apple recommend if your iPhone gets wet?

AI Illustration: HowSmart.net and DALL-E

8 / 12

8. When Will Sunday night’s ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ Main Story Segments Be Available on YouTube?

Screenshot: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver / HBO (youtube.com)

9 / 12

9. Who is George Santos suing for fraud?

Screenshot: Jimmy Kimmel Live! (youtube.com)

10 / 12

10. Which languages does the 2024 BAFTA Outstanding British Film, ‘The Zone of Interest,’ speak?

Screenshot: The Zone of Interest / A24 (youtube.com)

11 / 12

11. Who is the first Black woman to top the Billboard Country chart?

Screenshot: Beyoncé (youtube.com)

12 / 12

12. How Old Did John Travolta Turn in 2024?

Screenshot: John Travolta (@johntravolta) / Instagram

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The Feb. 23 News Quiz (VIDEO)

12 current-events questions and fun facts based on the Feb. 23 news headlines in 6 minutes. Test yourself: How many can you answer?

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This Week’s Questions (printable)

Here are some of the Feb. 23 news quiz current-events questions:

Feb. 23 News Quiz - Weekly Current Events Trivia Game
  • Where did Alexei Navalny find his death?
  • What did Trump launch after his $355 million penalty?
  • What happens to Tesla’s Cybertrucks in the rain?
  • What’s Sora?
  • What’s the EU’s beef with TikTok?
  • Who’s the first Black woman to top the Country chart?
  • How old is John Travolta?

The PDF includes all general trivia questions and answers from this week in separate pages for the contestants and the quiz MC. Perfect for your next pub quiz or trivia night.

Download the Feb. 23 News Quiz FREE Weekly PDF here.

Sources and Extra Trivia Facts

We cross-checked our facts with reputable news outlets, research centers, and NGOs. These current events articles inspired the Feb. 23 news quiz. We recommend them for weekend reading.

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