There is nothing more important these days than reliable information. Trustworthy news sources are vital to keeping us informed about our health, world events, and politics – which is crucial for any democracy.

Here are some useful links to reliable news sources, that will help you get the real picture of the world around you, and also make sure you ace our daily news quizzes.

Top News Sites

Websites that will update you on all current events.

The Associated Press

AP News is one of the world’s most reliable and trusted news agencies. It offers extensive news coverage of all areas, which explains the fact that it’s globally syndicated.


Reuters, much like AP, is a longstanding news agency, that offers a great worldwide news coverage with global syndication.

The New York Times

The NY Times, published in New York, is one of the world’s leading news publications, leading a liberal view stand on global events as much as domestic ones. Its well-known motto is: “All the News That’s Fit to Print”.

The Washington Post

Jeff Bezos
Photo: Steve Jurvetson / CC BY (

The original WaPo has earned its international fame by exposing some of the worst political scandals in the past decades. Now owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, the paper changed its motto to: ‘Democracy Dies in the Darkness.’

More Reliable News Sources

The Guardian. A British newspaper of exelence.

ABC News. News from the American news channel.

The Telegraph. One of the UK’s most trusted newspapers.

NBC News. News from the American news channel.

CNN. News from the global news network.

BBC. The British public broadcasting empire.

Business, Technology and Science News Sites

Websites that will get you updated with big tech company news, scientific researches, and global economic trends.

The Wall Street Journal

The WSJ is one of the leading news sources in the world for business and tech news.

The Economist

The Economist has been for years one of the primary magazines for the financial elite. Its articles are long – but very readable, and almost always foresee global trends.


Bloomberg is New York’s former mayor’s news agency is one of the oldest and most trusted business wires.


Wired provides business and tech information for the information-generation.

More Science and Tech News Sources

Arstechnica. A cool source for tech and business news.

The Verge. A closer look at the future.

Political News Sites

Just two here, for all your Washington DC updates.


Politico is a renowned news source for everything in US and international politics.

The Hill

The Hill website is based in Washington DC, reports on the White House, Congress, Senate, and anything in-between.

Entertainment and Culture News Sites

Reliable sourced that will keep you entertained.

Deadline Hollywood. All the TV and movie news from Hollywood and beyond.

Variety. The paper Hollywood reads.

Rollong Stone. Everything music.

TMZ. Everything celebrities.

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