What Broke Simon Cowell’s Back?

Your daily news quiz is ready! Can you also tell who is the king who’s in trouble? Find out how smart you are today!


What King Just Went to Exile?

This is your daily quiz for Wednesday, August 10th 2020. Let’s see how smart you are today!

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Category: Culture

What do people mainly do with the Tik Tok app?

Tik Tok logo

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Category: Entertainment

In which of these shows did Simon Cowell never regularly appear?

Photo: See Li from London, UK / CC BY 

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Category: Places

Where is Corriere della Sera published?


4 / 10

Category: Sports

In which city does the Juventus football club reside?

Image: Interbrand / Public domain

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Category: Places

In which region of the world will you find the city of Beirut?

Photo: Nancy Wong / CC BY-SA

6 / 10

Category: Science

What does the big bang theory explain (among other things)?

Image: Annatsach / CC BY

7 / 10

Category: Politics

Who is this impressive young woman?

Photo: Ulysse Bellier / CC BY

8 / 10

Category: Sports

Which sports has the PGA as a major tournament?


9 / 10

Category: Politics

Which country had this man for a king until 2014?

Image by א (Aleph) / CC BY-SA

10 / 10

Category: Science

In the context of COVID-19, what’s the difference between Antigen and PCR diagnostic tests?

Photo: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / Public domain

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