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2020 Arts and Culture Quiz

2020 Year-End Quiz: 12 Arts and Culture related Questions, No time-limit. A fun-fact follows each entry. How smart are you this year?


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Who painted the original piece Banksy used in this painting?

Image: sothebys.com

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Who are Clara, Uncle Drosselmeyer, the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Mouse King?

Photo: RickDikeman / CC0

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Israeli actress Gal Gadot is under attack for agreeing to play the character of Egyptian queen Cleopatra, mainly for her skin-tone. What was Cleopatra’s actual historic national background?

Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA

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In which century did artist Sandro Botticelli paint this?

Image: Sandro Botticelli / Public domain

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Who is the first-ever male to star solo on the cover of US Vogue?

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Did the founding father of the United States of America, Alexander Hamilton, own slaves?

Image: John Trumbull, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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Who wrote the poem The Snake, that Donald Trump recited in his rallies as a cautionary tale against immigrants?

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Douglas Stuart won the prestigious Booker award for his first novel. What was he doing before his first novel?

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What’s unorthodox about the 2020 National Book Award winner for a fiction novel, Charles Yu’s Interior Chinatown?

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What is David Bowie’s Stardust persona’s first name?

Photo: HBO’s David Bowie: The Last Five Years

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How old would John Lennon be in 2020?

Image: johnlennon.com

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Which musical instrument did legendary musician and civil rights activist, Nina Simone, teach herself as a young girl in the 1930s?

Photo: Fotopersbureau de Boer / CC0
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