The Thread of Meta’s New App: Unraveling Trivia from the Social Media Tapestry

Meta’s Threads and the Twitter showdown explained in 100 seconds. YouTube Trivia Update

In the grand tapestry of social media, Meta (formerly Facebook) decided to weave a new pattern. On July 6, 2023, they introduced a fresh face to the digital conversation scene – an app named ‘Threads.’ It’s like Twitter, but imagine if Zuck was at the helm instead of Musk. Here are five trivial facts about Meta’s Threads that you can casually drop into your next conversation.

The Birth of Threads: A Tale of Two CEOs

1. The Zuck vs. Musk Digital Showdown

Meta's Threads logo
Meta’s Threads logo

On July 6, 2024, Meta Platforms, once known to us all as Facebook launched Threads. This text-based microblogging platform is similar to Twitter, but with a twist – it’s a direct competitor to Elon Musk’s social media giant.

2. Twitter Cries Foul

Twitter logo
Twitter Vs. Threads

Threads’ debut wasn’t all smooth sailing. It came with a legal souvenir from Twitter. Twitter flapped its legal wings, sending a cease-and-desist letter to Meta, accusing them of creating a “copycat” app. They claimed Threads was a bit too similar to Twitter and that Meta had borrowed too liberally from Twitter’s trade secrets and other intellectual property.

The User Stampede

Meta’s Threads logo. Animation: Meta

3. Threads: The New Digital Gold Rush

Threads became an overnight sensation, attracting tens of millions of users shortly after its launch. The app was conveniently available to download from Instagram, making it a breeze for users to sign up and dive in.

The Moderation Rollercoaster

4. Threads’ Wild West of Content Moderation

Threads faced immediate content moderation challenges. Threads accounts posted controversial content within hours of its launch, and users engaged in heated debates over various topics. Meta stated that it would not extend its existing fact-checking program to Threads, a different approach from how it manages misinformation on its other apps.

The Future of Threads

5. Meta’s Plan: A Social Media Melting Pot

Mastodon. Meta’s Threads’ future inlaw

Meta has plans to link Threads with other social media services like Mastodon. This will allow users from servers operated by other non-Meta entities to communicate with Threads users. This move is expected to bring additional challenges to content moderation.

Remember, in the world of social media, the Threads we weave today shape the conversations of tomorrow.

News Trivia Quiz Time

Now that you know all the facts about Meta’s Threads app, how about a news quiz?

Twitter Quiz

10 Multiple-choice general knowledge questions Twitter. No time-limit. How smart are you today?

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1. What is Twitter Blue?

2 / 10

2. A little over a week after Twitter and Instagram restricted Ye’s accounts in response to antisemitic remarks in Oct. 2022, he did what?

Screenshot: Piers Morgan Uncensored – YouTube

3 / 10

3. Which of these happened within 12 hours of Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter?

Photo: Elon Musk (@elonmusk) / Twitter

4 / 10

4. After testing if his Twitter account was unblocked in Nov. 2022, Ye tweeted what?

Screenshot: X17onlineVideo – YouTube

5 / 10

5. Effective Nov. 23, 2022, Twitter is no longer enforcing which policy?

Image: using Dall-E

6 / 10

6. According to a leaked memo, only 6 months after its acquisition, what does Elon Musk value Twitter at?

Screenshot: Tesla – YouTube

7 / 10

7. What makes Linda Yaccarino a trailblazer as Twitter’s new CEO?

Screenshot: NBCUniversal

8 / 10

8. What did Twitter do in Turkey before the presidential election?

Screenshot: Channel 4 News – YouTube

9 / 10

9. How long was the first Tucker on Twitter episode?

Screenshot: Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) – Twitter

10 / 10

10. What made Elon Musk lash out at George Soros on Twitter?

Screenshot: CNBC interview with David Faber

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Meta's Threads
Meta’s Threads. Sign-in screen. Image: Meta