Trump’s Georgia Indictment: 10 Trivia Tidbits You Didn’t Know You Needed

Trump’s Georgia Indictment in under 2 minutes.

Ever thought politics could be your next trivia night’s winning topic? Well, gear up because former US President Donald Trump’s latest legal escapades in Georgia serve up some trivia gold. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty, shall we?

1. Spicing Up the Charges

Trump's Georgia Indictment
Trump’s Georgia Indictment. Screenshot: Donald J Trump – YouTube

Trump’s been served a cocktail of charges spicier than a jalapeño margarita. On the menu? Forgery, racketeering, and a side of violating an oath of office. The 41-count indictment charged Trump with 13 counts of orchestrating a criminal enterprise. Talk about a mix!

2. It’s a Party! (Of Charges)

Trump wasn’t dancing solo. 18 of his closest pals, including the ever-so-subtle Mark Meadows and the “I’ve got evidence… somewhere” Rudy Giuliani, joined the indictment fiesta.

3. Déjà Vu, Anyone?

Trump's Third Indictment. Donald Trump on Hannity
Trump’s Third Indictment. Screenshot: Hannity / Fox News

This isn’t Trump’s first rodeo. It’s the second time he’s been charged over his 2020 election shenanigans. And guess what? Even if he moonwalks all the way back into the White House, he can’t touch this Fulton County case.

4. Desperate Calls & Lost Votes

Remember when Trump dialed up Georgia’s top election honcho, Brad Raffensperger, asking him to “find” 11,780 votes? Well, this phone call is back, and this time as key evidence.

5. The “Secret” Video Saga

Trump and Co. tried to spice things up with a “secret” video from State Farm Arena showing alleged mischief during vote counting. Spoiler: It was as misleading as a cat video without any cats. And yes, it was debunked.

6. The Phantom Electors

In a move straight out of a political thriller, Trump had a secret squad of fake electors. Their mission? Sign a certificate affirming Trump’s victory. Mission status? Failed.

7. RICO’s Georgia Twist

Georgia’s RICO Act is like the federal anti-organized crime act but on steroids. It lets prosecutors charge the larger criminal enterprise, even if they don’t charge the underlying crimes.

Trump's Arrest
Trump’s taxes indictment. Screenshot: Reuters on YouTube

Georgia isn’t Trump’s only stop. He’s also facing charges for trying to overturn the election, mishandling classified docs, and a payment saga involving Stormy Daniels. Busy year, huh?

9. Presidential Dreams Still Alive

Despite the legal rollercoaster, Trump can still run for President. The Constitution’s like, “Charges? No problem!”.

Donald Trump's Fulton County Georgia Mugshot
Donald Trump’s Georgia indictment. The Fulton County Georgia Mugshot

After the release of Trump’s world-famous mugshot in Fulton County, the former President actually extended his lead over his Republican nomination rivals. Trump polled at 58% compared to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who polled at a mere 13% in one survey. The share of Republican voters who believe Trump was being indicted to stop him from running for President remains at 74%.

10. Meet Fani Willis

Trump's Georgia Indictment: Fani Willis, Georgia District Attorney
Trump’s Georgia Indictment: Fani Willis, Georgia District Attorney. Screenshot: C-Span

The powerhouse behind these charges? Fani Willis. She’s not only the first Black woman to hold the district attorney office in Fulton County but also a pro at using the Georgia RICO Act.

So, there you have it, trivia buffs! The next time someone brings up Trump’s Georgia indictment, you’ll be armed with these 10 tidbits. And remember, in the world of politics, today’s headlines are tomorrow’s trivia questions. Stay curious!

Events Timeline

Here’s a comprehensive timeline of the events leading to Trump’s Georgia indictment.

  1. Nov. 3, 2020: US General Election.
  2. Nov. 7, 2020: Joe Biden was declared the presidential winner, defeating incumbent President Donald Trump.
  3. Nov. 9, 2020: Georgia US Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler called for the resignation of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, citing “failures in Georgia elections” without specific details.
  4. Nov. 11, 2020: Raffensperger announced a full hand count of the votes in the presidential race in Georgia.
  5. Nov. 19, 2020: Georgia completed a hand recount of presidential election votes. The Associated Press declared Biden as the winner in Georgia.
  6. Nov. 20, 2020: Georgia officials certified the election results, confirming Biden’s victory in the state.
  7. Dec. 1, 2020: US Attorney General William Barr stated that the US Justice Department found no evidence of widespread voter fraud that could change the 2020 election outcome.
  8. Dec. 7, 2020: Georgia certified the election results showing Biden’s victory for the second time after a machine recount requested by Trump’s campaign.
  9. Jan. 2, 2021: Trump called Raffensperger, suggesting he could help him “find” the votes needed to overturn Trump’s loss in Georgia.
  10. Jan. 20, 2021: Joe Biden was inaugurated as President of the United States.
  11. Feb. 10, 2021: Fani Willis, the district attorney in Fulton County, informed top Georgia elected officials of a criminal investigation into “attempts to influence” the state’s 2020 general election.
  12. Aug. 14, 2023: Donald Trump and 18 associates were indicted on state racketeering and conspiracy charges over efforts to reverse Trump’s 2020 election defeat in Georgia. The 41-count indictment charged Trump with 13 counts, accusing him of orchestrating a criminal enterprise. Alongside Trump, 18 other defendants were charged. These included his former White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, and his 2020 election lawyers, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Jenna Ellis, and Kenneth Chesebro.

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