Summer 2023 Global News Quiz: Who broke the world record for most nationalities in a single Yoga lesson?

Test your knowledge of the world around you with our Summer 2023 Global News Quiz. With 23 new and unusual trivia questions from the past months, you can dive into international politics, world records, and geography.

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Summer 2023 Global Trivia Round-Up Quiz

23 Multiple-choice general knowledge questions on countries of the world, world politics, notable places, and international news for Summer 2023. No time-limit. How smart are you today?

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1. What was the destination of the submersible Titan that disappeared in the Atlantic Ocean?

Screenshot: OceanGate Expeditions via Reuters – YouTube

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2. Which US president was the first to be arrested and face criminal charges?

Screenshot: Reuters – YouTube

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3. In a meeting with a publisher, Donald Trump revealed secret Pentagon plans to attack what country?

Screenshot: Fox News

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4. Which of these living US presidents is the only one whose ancestors DIDN’T enslave people?

Screenshot: Good Morning America / ABC

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5. Where is the Nova Kakhovka dam?

Screenshot: Reuters – YouTube

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6. How close did the rogue Wagner troops get to Moscow before their boss Prigozhin had a change of heart?

Screenshot: Prigozhin Press Media via Associated Press – YouTube

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7. How long has Recep Tayyip Erdogan ruled Turkey?

Screenshot: Al Jazeera English – YouTube

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8. How many times did Silvio Berlusconi, the scandalous billionaire and media mogul, serve as Italy’s prime minister?

Screenshot: European People’s Party, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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9. Where did Prime Minister Narendra Modi set a Guinness World Record for the most nationalities in a single yoga lesson?

Screenshot: Narendra Modi – YouTube

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10. Which country boasts the busiest rail system on the planet?

Screenshot: Channel 4 News – YouTube

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11. What was the reason behind the 2023 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix cancellation?

Screenshot: Formula 1 – YouTube

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12. How did Russia react to Sen. Lindsey Graham’s meeting with Volodymyr Zelenskyy on May 30, 2023?

Screenshot: Reuters – YouTube

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13. Who is this woman who vowed to launch more satellites into space?

Screenshot: Arirang News – YouTube

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14. How did Ron DeSantis announce he was running for president?

Screenshot: Ron DeSantis – YouTube

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15. Before Prince Harry’s June 2023 court testimony, who was the previous British royal to face such an ordeal?

Screenshot: Sky News

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16. How long was the first Tucker on Twitter episode?

Screenshot: Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) – Twitter

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17. Why was Ted Kaczynski called the Unabomber?

Screenshot: FBI

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18. Who is the only male tennis legend to win each of the four Grand Slam tournaments – the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open – at least THREE times?

Screenshot: Roland-Garros 2023 – YouTube

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19. Besides being the Nuggets’ first NBA championship, the 2023 NBA Finals broke which historical record?

Screenshot: NBA – YouTube

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20. How did Lionel Messi shock the soccer world after leaving Paris Saint-Germain?

Screenshot: Major League Soccer – YouTube

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21. What did the Church of England clergy do for the first time in 2023?


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22. What is the Korean age?

Illustration: & Dall-E

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23. What famous figure met his doom in Rome’s Largo Argentina square?

Screenshot: Inside Edition – YouTube

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Sources and more fun facts

We cross-checked our facts with reputable news outlets, research centers, and NGOs. These articles inspired the Summer 2023 global news trivia quiz. We recommend them for further reading.

Summer 2023 Global News Quiz - World Current Events Trivia Game
Trump's Indictment: The former president reacts in Georgia.
Trump’s Indictment: The former president reacts in Georgia. Screenshot: FOX 5 Atlanta
The Meeting that resulted in Lindsey Graham's Russian Arrest Warrant
The Meeting that resulted in Lindsey Graham’s Russian Arrest Warrant. Screenshot: Reuters on YouTube
Novak Djokovic breaks 2023 French Open records
Novak Djokovic breaks 2023 French Open records. Screenshot: Roland-Garros on YouTube

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