Apple’s iPhone 15 & iOS 17: Trivial Pursuits or Tech Evolution?

Apple iPhone 15 lineup
iPhone 15 lineup. Image: Apple

Apple’s iPhone 15 & iOS 17: The Trivia Buff’s Guide to Tech’s Latest and Greatest. Ah, September! The month of falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and… Apple dropping tech bombs. On Sept. 12, 2023, Apple decided to give trivia enthusiasts a few more fun facts to add to their arsenal. Let’s dive in!

iOS 17: More Than Just an Update

iOS 17 on iPhone 15
Image: Apple
  • Release Rundown: Announced on Jun. 5 and set to dazzle the public on Sept. 18. Mark your calendars, or just set a reminder on your current iPhone. You know, the old one.
  • Features to Flaunt:
    • Live Voicemail: Ever wanted to eavesdrop on someone while he leaves a voicemail? Now you can, guilt-free!
    • StandBy Mode: Your iPhone’s new side gig? A bedside clock, when flipped sideways.
    • Contact Posters and Video Messages: Users can customize their appearance when contacting others. FaceTime users can now leave video voicemails.
    • Siri Gets Casual: No need for formalities. Drop the “hey” and get straight to the point with Siri.
    • NameDrop: Sharing contact info is now as easy as awkwardly holding your phones close together. No words are needed.
    • Improvements: Autocorrect might finally understand that you never meant “ducking.”
    • Check-In: A safety feature that shares your location with selected contacts. It can notify them if you’re delayed on your way home.

Compatibility Check: If your iPhone model is older than the XR/XS, it might be time for an upgrade. Or just enjoy the nostalgia.

iPhone 15: Not Just Another Number

iPhone 15 Pro. Image: Apple
  • Charging Revolution: Thanks to some nudging from the EU, Apple’s new iPhones bid farewell to the lightning port and embrace the USB-C life. Also, you can now charge your AirPods directly from your iPhone. Mind. Blown.
  • Design Dynamics:
    • iPhone 15 & 15 Plus: Think aluminum sides, contoured edges, and a camera that might replace your DSLR.
    • iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max: Titanium is the new black. Lighter, stronger, and way cooler to say.
  • Pricing: Starting at $799 for the iPhone 15 and going up to $1,199 for the 15 Pro Max. Start saving those pennies!
  • Too hot to handle: Shortly after its release, users reported that their new iPhones were getting too warm for comfort. Apple found that a software bug and some popular apps like Instagram and Uber were the cause. On Sept. 30, 2023, Apple announced that they’re working on an update to the iOS system for iPhone 15 models, to cool things down.

Apple Watch Series 9: Time for a Change

  • Eco-Friendly Fashion: Made with more recycled materials and available in new colors. It’s chic and eco-conscious!
  • Tech Talk: Featuring the S9 chip, this watch is faster and smarter. Plus, answer calls with a simple double-tap of your fingers. Magic? Conceivably.
  • watchOS 10 Features: The Apple Watch interface has been revamped with new watch faces, including ones featuring Snoopy and Woodstock. The Workouts app can now connect to Bluetooth cycling accessories.

News Trivia Quiz Time

Now that you know all the facts about Apple’s new iPhone, iOS, and their features, how about a news quiz?


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