Windows 11 Fun Quiz: How Many People Use Windows?

Questions updated Oct. 5, 2021.

Tech News Quiz: Microsoft started rolling out the new Windows 11 release on Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2021.  So, what to expect from the new Windows OS, and how many people use Windows worldwide? Take the quiz!

Microsoft Windows 11 Release

Daily Quiz: 8 Quick General knowledge multiple-choice questions about the Microsoft Windows 11 release. New facts follow each entry. Click "start quiz" when you're ready to find out how smart you are today.

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What does Windows 11 upgrade cost for Windows 10 users?

Image: Microsoft.

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How many people worldwide use the Windows operating system in 2021?

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Which Windows version did Microsoft dub "the last version of Windows"?

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When will Microsoft be ending support for Windows 10?

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In which Windows version did Microsoft introduce the Start button?

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What happens to the Start button on Windows 11?

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Which changes can you expect from the new Windows 11 OS?

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Which mobile platform’s apps will Windows 11 users be able to access?

Image: Microsoft

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