Category: 2021 Quizzes | 2021 Year-End Round-Up Trivia Party

Sum up 2021 with these 21 year-end round-up quizzes packed with 21 news questions (and answers), each, from this year!

The 2021 Big News Quiz

What is sedition? How long has Angela Merkel served as chancellor of Germany? What was the United State's longest war? And what's the Havana Syndrome? Take the 2021 Big News Quiz! (21 questions)

Super Women of 2021 Super Quiz

Where did Kamala Harris go to school? Who is Kathy Hochul? What is Simone Biles's Olympic sport? And what's Kim Kardashian's net worth? Take the Super Women of 2021 Super Quiz! (21 questions)

Tokyo Olympics 2021 Super Quiz

What oddities did the 2020 Summer Olympics bring? Which stars were no show in the Tokyo Olympics? And which country won the most medals in Tokyo Games? Take the Tokyo Olympics 2021 Quiz! (20 Questions)
What’s Minions 2’s official title? | Movie News Trivia How many mass shooting incidents did the US see on July 4th, 2022? How old is Lindsey Lohan? | Guess the Celebrity Age Which game features Darth Vader on a rollercoaster? Over 750 Tesla owners complained to regulators about what?