2021 Year-End Round-Up Spectacular Trivia Party


Happy Holidays Trivia! Join our 2021 Year-End Round-Up Trivia Party: Each of the general knowledge news quizzes below consists of 21 multiple choice questions, with well-sourced answers and bonus 2021 news facts. Choose your topic, and test your knowledge. Feel free to share your favorite quiz and challenge your friends and family in this year’s holiday season trivia parties.

In our 2021 Year-End Round-Up Trivia Party

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Which game features Darth Vader on a rollercoaster? Over 750 Tesla owners complained to regulators about what? Who’s been on SNL longer – McKinnon or Davidson? In comparison to smallpox, Western African monkeypox is what? What did Jason Momoa apologize for doing at The Sistine Chapel?