Back to the Future is Now: The First FAA-Approved Flying Car is Here!

The first FAA-approved flying car in 1 minute.

The Alef Model A, the first flying car approved for testing by the US government, is ready to fly. Buckle up for a trivia ride that’s part ‘Back to the Future,’ part ‘Jetsons,’ and 100% reality!

1. “Back to the Future” Called It: The Flying Car is Here!

Back to the Future
Back to the Future. The inspiration.

In a world where “Back to the Future II” is no longer a sci-fi fantasy, a California-based company, Alef Aeronautics, has made a flying leap into the future. Inspired by the movie, they started working on a flying car in 2015 and unveiled the “Model A” prototype in 2019. Now that’s what we call turning movie magic into reality!

2. The Model A: A Car? A Plane? It’s Both!

The first FAA-approved flying car, the Alef model A
The first FAA-approved flying car, the Alef model A. Screenshot: Alef Aeronautics – YouTube

The Model A is a fully electric vehicle that can both fly and travel on roads. It can take off and land vertically, and it can be driven on public roads and parked in a standard parking space. It’s like your everyday car decided to sprout wings and defy gravity. And if you’re wondering about speed, it’s sluggish on the road, maxing out at 25 miles per hour. Who needs speed on the ground when you can fly?

3. FAA Gives Thumbs Up: The Sky’s the Limit!

The Alef “Model A” is the first fully electric vehicle that can both fly and travel on roads to receive US government approval. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a Special Airworthiness Certification on June 12, 2023. This certification allows the vehicle to be used for limited purposes, including exhibitions, research, and development. So, it’s not just a pie-in-the-sky idea anymore!

4. Pre-Order Now: Get Your Flying Car Before They’re… Flying Off the Shelves!

Alef’s “Model A” is the first flying car offered for pre-order. The company began taking pre-orders for the Model A earlier this year for $150 in the general queue or $1,500 in the priority queue. The expected price of the Model A is $300,000. The company aims to start producing and delivering the Model A by the end of 2025. Start saving your pennies, folks!

5. Coming Soon: The “Model Z” Flying Sedan

But wait, there’s more! Alef is also working on a second model, the “Model Z,” a four-person sedan slated for release in 2035. Because when you’ve already made a flying car, why not make a flying family car? Now, if only we could get those self-lacing shoes…

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