Sept. 2023 Tech-Biz Quiz: What’s the Title of Musk’s Biography?

With our Sept. 2023 Tech-Biz quiz, you can test your knowledge of this month’s most important technology and business stories. It’s time to take on 13 questions about Elon Musk’s biography, the AI race, and some major crypto news.

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Sept. 2023 Technology and Business News Quiz

Business and Tech trivia game: 13 multiple-choice questions and answers on AI, social media, finance, and business news from September 2023. How smart are you today?

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1. What’s the no-nonsense title of the 2023 Elon Musk biography, crafted by Walter Isaacson?

Image: Elon Musk book cover / Simon & Schuster

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2. What cosmic name did Elon Musk bestow upon his 11th offspring?

Screenshot: All-In Podcast / All-In Summit – YouTube

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3. According to Elon Musk, how many monthly users does Twitter/X have?

Screenshot: Reuters – YouTube

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4. In the digital soap opera of X (formerly Twitter), who did Elon Musk accuse of trying to “strangle” the platform?

Screenshot: Tesla Owners Silicon Valley – X

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5. In Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro models, which material replaces the good old stainless steel?

Image: Apple

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6. What’s the newly added “Check In” feature in iOS 17?

Image: Apple

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7. What feature in Google’s Bard allows users to verify the chatbot’s answers against web content?

Screenshot: Google – YouTube

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8. Who or what is Ernie Bot making waves in the tech world in 2023?

Screenshot: Baidu – YouTube

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9. Which feature of Huawei’s new Mate 60 Pro has Uncle Sam raising an eyebrow?


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10. What’s the grand vision behind Sam Altman’s shiny Worldcoin orbs?

Screenshot: Reuters – YouTube

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11. What’s the deal with stablecoins in the crypto world?

Image: Paypal

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12. Why did the judge send FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried on an unexpected ‘vacation’ in jail before his trial?

Screenshot: Associated Press – YouTube

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13. What random event from Elon Musk’s past delayed the Musk vs. Zuckerberg cage showdown, according to Musk?

Screenshot: PG&E Innovation Summit 2023 – YouTube

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Sources and Extra Fun Facts

Our questions and answers are always fact-checked with leading news outlets, NGOs, and research institutes. Here are the headlines that inspired the April 2023 Technology Business Quiz.

Elon Musk Biography: Surprising Trivia Facts
Elon Musk Biography: Surprising Trivia Facts. Image: “Elon Musk” cover / Simon & Schuster
Apple iPhone 15 Pro
Image: Apple
Worldcoin orb
Screenshot: Reuters – YouTube

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