Sept. 29 News Quiz: Trump Exaggerated His Assets’ Value by How Much?

Sept. 29, 2023.

Our weekly news quiz is back to test your knowledge of the latest news stories every Friday. From Trump’s legal trouble and the Hollywood strikes to the world’s oldest wooden structure and the latest in Taylor Swift’s universe, see how well you know what happened this week with the Sept. 29 News Quiz.

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  • The quiz has 11 multiple-choice questions and answers about the biggest headlines of the last week. You can take the quiz online, play the video quiz, or print it out for your weekly trivia party.  
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  • If you prefer to play the video quiz, scroll down. You will have 30 seconds to answer each question. How many questions can you answer in 6 minutes? 
  • If you want to print out the quiz, scroll down to find our PDF link. You can download the Sept. 29 News Quiz’s FREE PDF with all the questions on one page and separate pages for answers and links.

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Sept. 29, 2023, News Quiz (Current Events Trivia Game)

News Quiz: 11 Multiple-choice general knowledge questions to summarize the week ending on Sept. 29, 2023. No time-limit. How smart are you this week?

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1. In a Sept. 2023 ruling, a New York judge found that Donald J. Trump consistently exaggerated his assets’ value. By how much?

Screenshot: CNN-News 18 – YouTube

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2. In 2023, how many days did Hollywood writers put their pens down during the strike?

Screenshot: CBS Weekend News – YouTube

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3. Where is the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region located?

Screenshot: Reuters – YouTube

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4. What was NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft’s primary mission?

Screenshot: NASA – YouTube

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5. Who replaced Rupert Murdoch at Fox and News Corp. after his retirement?

Screenshot: 7 News Australia – YouTube

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6. Where was the world’s oldest wooden structure discovered?

Screenshot: University of Liverpool via ABC KSAT12 – YouTube

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7. What did Tigist Assefa accomplish at the 2023 Berlin Marathon?

Screenshot: BMW BERLIN-MARATHON – YouTube

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8. What’s Anthropic’s tech specialty?

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9. Which iconic 1960s spy drama featured David McCallum as a Russian agent?

Photo: NBC Television, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons, colorized

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10. How does the runtime of the “Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour” concert film compare to the actual duration of the concert it showcases?

Screenshot: TAYLOR SWIFT – YouTube

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11. What’s different about “Rick and Morty” Season 7?

Screenshot: Rick and Morty / Adult Swim – YouTube

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The Sept. 29 News Quiz (VIDEO)

11 current-event questions and fun facts based on the Sept. 29 news headlines in under 6 minutes. How many can you ace?

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This Week’s Questions (printable)

Here are some of the Sept. 29 news quiz questions:

Sept. 29 News Quiz - Current Events Trivia Game
  • A New York Judge ruled that Trump exaggerated his assets’ value by how much?
  • How many days did the Hollywood writers’ strike last?
  • Who will replace Rupert Murdoch at Fox News and News Corp?
  • Where was the world’s oldest wooden structure discovered?
  • What’s Anthropic’s tech specialty?
  • What’s longer: Taylor Swift’s Era Tour movie or the show it documents?

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Sources and Extra Trivia Facts

We cross-checked our facts with reputable news outlets, research centers, and NGOs. These articles inspired the Sept. 29 news quiz. We recommend them for weekend reading.

Donald Trump
Screenshot: CNN-News 18 – YouTube
Screenshot: NASA
Taylor Swift
Screenshot: Taylor Swift – YouTube

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