Jan. 5 Weekly News Quiz: When’s Christmas in Ukraine?

Jan. 5, 2024.

News Quiz: Test your knowledge of the latest current events stories every Friday with the weekly news quiz. From the new date for Christmas in Ukraine and Mickey Mouse becoming public domain (sort of) to Europe’s longest-standing queen and Martha Stewart’s Thirst Trap status, see how well you know what happened this week with the Jan. 5 News Quiz.

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  • This current events quiz has 12 multiple-choice current trivia questions and answers about the biggest headlines of the last week. You can take the quiz online, play the video quiz, or print it out for your weekly trivia party.  
  • Click the below button to start the quiz. You will see each question with four possible answers. Choose the best answer to see if you’re correct, read the explanation or skip it, and move on to the next question. At the end of the quiz, you will see your score and how it compares with that of other users. 
  • If you prefer to play the video quiz, scroll down. You will have 30 seconds to answer each question. How many questions can you answer in 6 minutes? 
  • If you want to print out the quiz, scroll down to find our PDF link. You can download the Jan. 5 News Quiz’s FREE PDF with all the questions on one page and separate pages for answers and links.

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Jan. 5 Weekly News Quiz (Current Events Trivia Game)

News Quiz: 12 Multiple-choice general knowledge questions to summarize the week’s headlines ending on Jan. 5, 2024. No time-limit. How smart are you this week?

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1. When does Ukraine celebrate Christmas?

Screenshot: euronews (youtube.com)

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2. How did Russia greet Ukraine in the early hours of the New Year 2024?

Screenshot: CBC News (youtube.com)

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3. Under what specific conditions did Pope Francis say priests could bless LGBTQ couples?

Screenshot: Vatican News (youtube.com)

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4. Which film had the biggest December 25 debut ever?

Screenshot: The Color Purple / Warner Bros. Pictures

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5. Why did Apple pause sales of its Series 9 and Ultra 2 smartwatches in the United States before Christmas 2023?

Screenshot: Apple – YouTube

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6. What is ‘Zombie Deer Disease’?

Screenshot: LEX 18 – YouTube

7 / 12

7. Which new feature is Amazon Prime Video rolling out in January 2024 in the US and February in the UK?

8 / 12

8. What 2024 event connects Mickey and Minnie Mouse with Tigger from “The House at Pooh Corner”?

Illustration: HowSmart.net & DALL-E

9 / 12

9. Who’s record was broken by Taylor Swift’s “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” album?

Screenshot: Taylor Swift Web

10 / 12

10. After Queen Elizabeth II of Britain died in September 2022, who took the crown as the longest-serving monarch in Europe?

Screenshot: NBC News (youtube.com)

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11. Who’s in this “Thirst Tap” picture?

Screenshot: Instagram

12 / 12

12. Whose statue is this?

Screenshot: AFP – YouTube

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The Jan. 5 News Quiz (VIDEO)

12 current-events questions and fun facts based on the December 2023 news headlines in 6 minutes. Test yourself: How many can you ace?

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This Week’s Questions (printable)

Here are some of the Jan. 5 news quiz current-events questions:

Jan. 5 News Quiz of the Week - Current Events Trivia
  • When does Ukraine celebrate Christmas?
  • Which film had the biggest December 25 debut ever?
  • What is ‘Zombie Deer Disease’?
  • Which new feature does Amazon Prime Video roll out in 2024?
  • What’s connecting Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Tigger?
  • Who’s record was broken by Taylor Swift’s “1989 (Taylor’s Version)”?

The PDF includes all general trivia questions and answers from this week in separate pages for the contestants and the quiz MC. Perfect for your next pub quiz or trivia night.

Download the Jan. 5 News Quiz FREE Weekly PDF here.

Sources and Extra Trivia Facts

We cross-checked our facts with reputable news outlets, research centers, and NGOs. These current events articles inspired the Jan. 5 news quiz. We recommend them for weekend reading.

Ukraine Christmas
Screenshot: euronews – YouTube
The Color Purple
Screenshot: Warner Bros Pictures
Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video
1989 Taylor's version

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